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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1296

A pint-sized figure emerged from the shadowy corner.


Baber's face looked uneasy. He stopped as soon as he got close, not daring to move any closer.

He used to rely a lot on Theo. But after Ellinor left, he became terrifying every day, which often made Baber too scared to approach him.

Seeing that it was Baber, the serious expression on Theo's face finally relaxed. He raised his hand and waved to the child. "Come over."

Baber cautiously approached the man, his face filled with fear.

Even though he was safer here than when he lived with the Howard family and no one would hit him, he still didn't feel a sense of belonging and was always scared.

Theo reached out his hand to pull the child to his side and asked expressionlessly, "Do you miss Mom?"

Baber shook his head hard. When he heard the word "mom," a look of fear instantly appeared on his face.

The mother in his memory was Patricia Howard.

He was deeply afraid and resistant to seeing that mother again. She was too terrifying.

Theo saw the child's fear and explained gently. "Not the mom from before. My wife, she's your mom."

He had completed all the legal procedures. After obtaining evidence that Patricia had abused the child, he had terminated the child's guardianship relationship with Patricia.

Now, this child was only his.

Baber blinked in confusion. "Your wife?"

Theo nodded. "Yes, my wife."

Baber was still a bit resistant and shook his head. "I don't know her."


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