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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1297

After a hell of a long time, Ellinor finally got a good night's sleep. She guessed it might be because she was staying in the room she used to sleep in as a kid.

She had a dreamless night and woke up feeling super cozy.

While rubbing her eyes, she got out of bed, washed up, and then rummaged in the closet for clothes to change into.

Balfour had prepared a bunch of maternity clothes for her. They were all brand new; even the tags were still hanging.

She randomly picked out a comfy-looking outfit, stripped off her pajamas, and got dressed.

After getting dressed, she habitually reached for her phone.

After walking to the bedside table, she picked up the phone to check the time and suddenly saw Theo's handsome but icy face on the screen.

Ellinor let out a shriek while staring at the phone and exclaimed. "Why haven't you hung up yet?"

The phone was a bit hot from the video chat that lasted the entire night.

The video chat didn't automatically turn off after running all night long.

Theo's face was expressionless. "Why should I hang up?"

Ellinor twitched her mouth, subconsciously checking the angle at which she had just been changing. It was straight into the camera.

She felt a tad embarrassed but was still hopeful. She asked tentatively. "Did you see everything just now?"

Theo, unfazed, nodded. “Yep, saw it all.”

Ellinor’s hope was shattered, and her face turned beet red. "You pervert!"


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