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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1298

Ellinor gave the young man a dismissive look, gently pushed him aside, and strode past to go downstairs for a meal.

Feeling snubbed, Bryan turned around and followed Ellinor, calling out to her loudly. "Hey, Ellinor, when did you find out that you're my long-lost sister?"

While walking steadily down the stairs, Ellinor casually replied. "I'm not your sister."

Bryan stubbornly reached out to support her. "Yes, you are! I heard it yesterday; you're Pearl!"

Ellinor accepted Bryan's support, giving the crafty young man a sidelong glance. "Even if I am Pearl, I am not your sister!"

Frowning, Bryan retorted. "Yes, you are! We have the same father; you are my sister."

After reaching the bottom of the stairs, Ellinor brushed off Bryan's hand and headed towards the dining room.

Although she didn't dislike Bryan, she couldn't forget that he was the son of the woman who had hurt her mother. She couldn't sincerely treat him like a little brother.

Bryan chuckled sarcastically. He followed her and was about to say something when he saw a tall figure emerging from the kitchen, holding a plate of food.

It wasn't their chef, nor their nanny, but Balfour.

Bryan was gobsmacked. "Balfour, you... you're actually cooking?!"

Balfour ignored him and instead spoke gently to Ellinor. "Ellinor, come. Sit down for breakfast."

Without any formalities, Ellinor sat down.

Bryan, as though he'd seen a miracle, whipped out his phone and snapped several photos of Balfour in an apron.


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