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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1303

Her lipstick was a bit smudged. Sensing that someone was watching her, Sophia turned her head, put down her mirror, and gave Ellinor a cheesy grin.

"Hey! Ellinor! I saw you chatting with Byran earlier and didn't want to interrupt. You left early yesterday; did you sleep well last night?"

Ellinor frowned slightly, answering calmly. "Thanks for your concern; I slept very well."

Sophia giggled. "That's good! I was worried that if anything upset you last night, it might affect your sleep."

Ellinor cracked a little smile. "Why would you think something would keep me from sleeping?"

Sophia shrugged. "Maybe seeing Theo come to my birthday party might upset you? Ellinor, I totally get it. If I saw my ex celebrating another girl's birthday, I'd be bummed too!"

Ellinor chuckled. "Then you're overthinking! Even if you two got together, it wouldn't affect my sleep."

Sophia rested her chin on her hand, grinning cheekily. "Really? What if we did get together last night?"

Ellinor raised an eyebrow. "Last night?"

Sophia nodded. "Yep, I didn't plan on telling you, but since you mentioned it, you probably won't get mad. So, let me be frank; last night, Theo and I were together!"

Ellinor squinted at her. "Sophia, are you sure it was last night?"

She was video chatting with Theo all night yesterday; how could he have been with Sophia?

Did they do something unknown to her after she fell asleep?


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