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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1304

Sophia deliberately rubbed off the lipstick on the corner of her lips with her finger.

"I’ve gotta thank ya for the opportunity you created for me. If you hadn't pissed off Theo yesterday, I might not have had a chance to get close to him. Ever since Theo chose to give being with me a shot, he's been different towards me. The moment I walked in just now, he stood up, came over, and kissed me. He totally smooched off my lipstick!"

Did Theo just step off camera to kiss Sophia?

Ellinor felt sick to her stomach.

Theo’s ambiguous attitude towards her was just to keep her steady and protect their child.

He might still have feelings for her, but it was not like she was the only one.

This could be deduced from the fact that Sophia could freely come and go from his office.

Ellinor gave her a slight smile. "Then congrats on finally stepping into his life. But, given your outgoing personality, playing the shy card doesn't really suit you. Being direct might be more your style, Ms. Sophia."

Sophia's face froze, and then she laughed. "Ellinor..."


The video call was cut off.

Sophia stared at the phone's black screen, huffing in anger.

Although Ellinor seemed indifferent, she didn't believe that she was unaffected.

In truth, Theo didn't accept her invitation to go upstairs last night. He just had his driver take him away.

But the truth didn't matter. As long as Ellinor kept misunderstanding and refusing to forgive Theo, their conflicts would deepen and they would gradually drift apart.


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