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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1306

Theo plopped down on his new chair.

He hadn’t heard back from Ellinor and was now exhausted. While rubbing his temples, he pulled out an unsigned letter from the inner pocket of his jacket.

The letter was slid under the company’s front door by a mystery visitor. The security guard found it and notified him. The envelope was signed "For Theo" with a few drops of red liquid on it.

He ripped open the envelope to see a printed message.

"I know who you care about the most now. You're in the open, and I'm in the shadows. How long can you keep me at bay?

This is your last chance to think it over, so you better give me a satisfying answer.

If not, don't blame me for being ruthless. You'll only have yourself to blame.

We don't need this to get ugly, but if it does, it's because you pushed us!

My dear brother."

After reading it, he crumpled the letter and tossed it perfectly into the trash bin.

While leaning back in his chair, Theo closed his eyes and began to lose himself in thought.

Once you cared about someone or something, it became your Achilles' heel, making you vulnerable to attack at any time.

After a while, he straightened up and dialed Collin’s number.

“Collin, any updates on the surveillance?”

“Mr. Blanchet, we're still on it. There have been a lot of people coming in and out of the company today.”

“Investigate anyone suspicious! We must capture them all before Ellinor gives birth!”


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