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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1305

He left a comment under the tweet. "Don't sweat it; I'm here."

Sophia was left out in the cold. She watched as the man she loved engrossed himself in his phone. She was getting ants in her pants and said again, "Theo, are you listening to me?"

Theo looked up and asked, "Did you get all your documents sorted?"

A pang of guilt flashed in Sophia's eyes. "Um... It's kind of a pain to get it done overseas, so it might take some time to get here."

She had pretended to lose her documents before, so she couldn't go with him to cancel the marriage certificate. She had been dragging her feet for a long time now.

Her passport and other documents were also "lost," and it would be difficult for her to return home to handle it.

Theo replied, "Get it done as soon as possible."

Sophia nodded. She thought about it for a moment and said, "Theo, I don't actually mind keeping things as they are. Like this, I can help you and Ellinor dodge some bullets. I don’t think anyone of us will mind."

Theo said coldly, "I mind."

Sophia felt awkward and forced a smile. "Are you worried Ellinor will get the wrong idea? I get it. I'll go home and nag my dad to pull some strings to help me get my documents faster."

Theo was preoccupied, staring intently at his phone as he waited for Ellinor to respond to his earlier comment.

Sophia saw that the man was not in the mood to deal with her, so she took the hint. "Um... Theo, you're busy! I won't bother you; I'll head out."

"Hold on."

Theo looked up and stopped her.


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