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The Omega's Sweetest Revenge novel Chapter 60

CHAPTER 60: The Mother's Hug




LILIAN KEPT ON crying so hard as she watched the light fading away from her. She shook her head and tried to chase it, as if it was enough to take Alpha Karius back to her.


The light slowly fades away with the wind... until it's out of her sight. She felt like her heart was shattered into pieces at that sight.


"N-No! Please, don't take him away from me!" Lilian shouted in the midst of her cries. Her cries are the loudest inside the messy mansion.


She couldn't believe what she did. She killed her mate. She killed her Alpha Karius. It was all done. But it ended painfully... so painful that she felt like her soul was also gone with the wind.


Why does she have to experience this kind of pain again? The pain of losing another loved one. Her mate... what will happen to her now that Alpha Karius is gone? Yes, she may have gained the power from the moon goddess and is considered as the most powerful now but, she couldn't guarantee to herself anymore if she could still be happy after this... if she could still smile. 


The last time she cried painfully like this was when her little angel passed away without her even holding him or her. And now... she's experiencing another pain of losing someone very dear to her. It was piercing her heart into pieces as she cried even more.




Lilian kept on crying as she felt a hand on her shoulders. A clothe suddenly wrapped around her, covering her nakedness but it seems like she became numb already. It felt like everything around her has suddenly disappear because of the pain in her heart. 


"My mate is still a-alive. This can't be h-happening!" Lilian said in the middle of her cries, as if everyone that's seeing her will even believe what she's saying.


They saw what she did... she stabbed the Alpha and killed her. 


Lilian looked at her own hands and trembled when she saw the traces of Alpha Karius' blood. She couldn't believe that her own hands ended the life of his mate. She suddenly hated herself seeing his blood on her hands. She glared at it as her hand balled into fist. 


Meanwhile, Calyx couldn't help but to clench his jaw looking at Lilian weeping so hard. Jackson has stopped from punching and hurting him and is now staring blankly in the air... like everything is still processing in his head. 


Calyx was the one who wrapped Lilian with the curtain that he just pulled on the broken glass window. She put it on her shoulders and it seems like she doesn't even notice his presence.


"Let's get out of here, Luna..." Calyx whispered to Lilian this time as she assisted her to stand up, but she just shook her head and looked at him with tears in her eyes.


"C-Calyx... tell me. This is not real, right? Everything that happened here is just... a d-dream! Please, wake me up now!" She pleaded crying loudly again.


Calyx gritted his teeth at the sight of the hurting Luna. Some of the wolves already shifted in their human forms, leaving the whole area and going to their loved ones. He couldn't help but to feel sad seeing the dead helpers in Alpha Karius' mansion.


They had lost many lives...


And their Alpha Karius is also... gone now.


What will happen to the pack now?


Alpha Karius... he's not just Calyx's alpha. He's also his best friend. No, scratch that. He's more than that to him. He's the brother that he never had. He wanted to question him for his decision to end his life like that but it was for the better. He respects him so much and this is what he wants. But then... his decision hurts to the core.


Can't they find any way? For sure, they could do something, right? They should at least look for another way! And he's somehow blaming himself for what happened. If only... he's not that weak enough to guard him, he wouldn't escape from him. That fucking man name Jackson was able to get him! 



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