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The Omega's Sweetest Revenge novel Chapter 61

CHAPTER 61: The Traitor




EVERYONE WAS SURPRISED when Lilian decided to appear in front of the whole Moon Stone Pack after the tragedy. She called for a meeting in the open field for everyone to attend. And now, standing in front of them all, was really painful for her. 


She's alone... just some pack warriors beside her. She pictured this out that she will be with her mate once she meets them all. But she's not... 


And it breaks her heart again and again thinking that she will face everyday of her life alone from now on. 


The morning sunlight hits her face that suddenly reminds her of the light that appeared after she... ended Alpha Karius' life. The weather is nice but Lilian couldn't seem to appreciate it because she's still morning.


Sunrise... it reminds everyone of a new beginning, just like what others said. But for her, it's another pain... another day of living in sadness. Another day of mourning. It's sad that the beauty of the surroundings doesn't give her peace anymore. It will always remind her of Alpha Karius.


"I know you're already aware about the tragedy that just happened here in the pack. As the Luna, I want to sincerely apologize for what happened... for losing your loved ones. I know how it feels. They will never be forgotten. Please know that I am always with you," Lilian said as she bowed her head a bit in front of them all, making them gasped and shocked. They can't believe that their Luna is lowering her head in front of them all. "And aside from that... our pack has also lost our dear... A-Alpha. It was hard for me as his Luna to lose him. He's my one and only mate. This is breaking my heart but the only thing that we could do now is to... accept everything. He was the very strength and power of this pack but it's sad that... everything turns out like this. I'm so sorry..."


Lilian tried so hard being strong in front of the whole pack even though the corner of her eyes is already getting teary. This is so hard for her... acting like she's not affected at all. She wanted to be strong for the pack from now on. Because all the responsibilities will be passed to her even though it's hard for her to learn everything in a short span of time. 


Seeing the pack with their sad expression is another thing. It was obvious on their faces that they are also mourning with her. Some are even crying silently for their loss and crying because their alpha is gone now.


"I don't know if I could do this... alone but I'm asking for your help... to fulfill all my duties as your Luna and to take care of all of you. This is all new to me and I don't think I could even do this right, honestly speaking... because there's no other wolf that could do this better other than Alpha Karius," Lilian continued as a matter of fact.


One of the wolves suddenly raised her hand, making Lilian look at her. The wolf asked a question.


"Luna... does this mean that you are the new Alpha from now on?"


Lilian gulped the lump in her throat and sighed. "Yes. From now on, you can go to me if you want my help. I will work hard to be not just your Luna, but also your Alpha," she answered honestly. She couldn't help but to somehow doubt herself. Can she really do this? Can she be the alpha that the pack wishes to have? If she's going to answer her own question... her answer will be... no.


No, Lilian can't do it because aside from the fact that she doesn't have proper training, she thinks that no one could really rule the whole Moon Stone pack other than Alpha Karius. 


It was quiet, it made Lilian anxious even more. So many thoughts are running in her mind but she couldn't seem to find the right words to say. Lilian knows that some of the wolves in the pack are also doubting her, and she understands that pretty well.


"They say you're the chosen one of the moon goddess. And you... killed the alpha!" one of them suddenly said, making everyone murmur with everyone on their sides.


"What?! She killed the Alpha!?"


"I don't think I could stomach this! Alpha Karius died in her hands!"


"What will happen to us now? Alpha Karius is the best Alpha that this pack has ever had!"


"Be careful of your words. She's still our Luna and the Queen of all the wolves," Calyx said to the wolf who kept on murmuring some things against Lilian. It made Lilian gasp a bit when Calyx referred to her as the queen of the pack. Being the chosen one made her the queen. And she couldn't just appreciate that title wholeheartedly.


She's a Kingless Queen. She smiled bitterly at her thoughts.


Calyx knew how hard this was for Lilian. And he knew that she's already having a hard time even though she's still mourning for Alpha Karius' death. He doubted her intentions to Alpha Karius before but seeing her this week... and pretending to be okay in front of the whole pack is something else.


Calyx promised to herself that he will protect Luna at all cost... not because it was the right thing to do, but because Alpha Karius wanted her to do it. He will do everything for him, even if he's not here anymore.


Instead of being insulted, Lilian still smiled sadly. "Yes. I am the chosen one of the moon goddess. It was my fault why... Alpha Karius is gone now. I did it because it was the right thing to do even though it breaks my heart into pieces. It wasn't my intention to end his life like that. It's just that... I had no other choice."


"So, it's true? That Alpha Karius is indeed a demon? We had an Alpha that has the blood of evil!"


Lilian's expression darkened a bit. "It wasn't Alpha Karius' fault that he has the blood of a demon. Don't disrespect him in front of me and say some things about him like that or I will do something in that sharp tongue of yours, " she said with full authority this time as she looked at the wolf that suddenly said that. She became serious this time. "Anyone who objects to my decision to be the Alpha of this pack, you can freely leave anytime you want. I'm not forcing you to accept my decision..." she added.


Lilian gritted her teeth. She doesn't really like how they bad-mouthed Alpha Karius like that even though he's already gone. She had no choice but to be authoritative this time. 


She just hoped that she could fulfill all her obligations as the new alpha of the pack.



"ARE YOU SURE on this one?" Calyx asked Lilian the moment they reached the dungeon.



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