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The Supreme Man: Took Everything in Power novel Chapter 631

Wesley appeared even more puzzled when he heard that. "Okay, fine. I won't piss you off, okay?" He returned the scarf to Andrew. "What the hell? I thought we were friends. Why did he have such a sudden change of attitude?" he mumbled, leaving the cafe.

Then, Reene, who had been quiet the whole time, caught up with the situation. "Young Master Andrew? Are you Andrew Kean?"

Previously, they were supposed to have a blind date at the Ramada Hotel, but Andrew stood her up in order to look for Boris, so this was their first meeting.

"Yeah…" Andrew's face was flushed crimson. Unfortunately, due to his sorry state, one couldn't be certain whether it was from the beating or from embarrassment.

Next to him, Reene was dressed in a tailored suit. Mature and elegant, she looked absolutely like a successful career woman. In contrast, Andrew's face was swollen and red with a scarf wrapped around it, which made him look really awful in comparison.

Back then, when Stanley set up the blind date for him, he looked down on Reene because he thought that it was degrading to his status as a rich young master to go on a blind date with an orphan. Never did it occur to him that their first meeting would be looking like this. As he stood in front of Reene, he felt ashamed of himself for the first time in his life.

"President Wynn. Dr. Nicholson… I-I gotta go. See you next time," he mumbled, hanging his head and taking off. He couldn't stay for even a second longer. He knew that if he continued to linger, he would genuinely start considering squeezing himself into a hole or punting himself to the sun.

As Reene stared at Andrew's back as he fled in panic, she wondered out loud, "Is that the legendary Young Master Andrew? Didn't he return from Sweoya as an intellectual? Why is he in such a state?"

Kingsley broke into a chuckle. "Who knows? Maybe he's just down on luck…"

She shot a glance at him. "What about you? What are you doing here and being so sneaky, Kingsley?"

"Sneaky? No, I'm not." He scratched his nose and said sheepishly, "I'm here to meet Mr. Parker. Go on ahead with your work, Reene. I'll find my way to Mr. Parker's office by myself." After that, he quickly slipped out of the cafe.

"What's going on? Why are all of them acting like thieves?" A puzzled Reene took a sip of her coffee, but suddenly, her brain highlighted something strange to her. How did Kingsley get to know Andrew?

As far as she knew, he had no connections to the Kean Family when Ysabel arranged her blind date with Andrew. The light in her beautiful eyes flickered as she recalled the unexpected yet huge gift from the Keans yesterday. Does this have something to do with Kingsley, too?

She thought about this for a long while, and the frown on her face gradually disappeared. In its place was a soft, sweet smile. It looks like Kingsley is far more influential and mysterious than I thought.

Although she already had a good guess in her heart, she didn't plan to interrogate Kingsley because it was necessary for even a couple to give each other some space. So, she wouldn't force him to tell her all of his secrets. Moreover, she had placed all her trust in him. She trusted that he was genuinely looking out for her, and this was enough.

Meanwhile, a long sigh of relief escaped Kingsley's lips after he scurried out of the cafe. The last thing he wanted was for Reene to find out that he had connections to the Keans. He wished that on the day she reached the peak of her career, she could confidently tell everyone that she had fought her way to success step by step instead of relying on her younger brother.

While he was busy thinking about this, he took an elevator to Mason's office. Previously, Mason was in the Clark Corporation to stabilize the situation for Reene, and now that the company was stabilized, he was transferred to Neveah Department Store to help her with the project with Coliree Group. The door to his office was wide open, and his reading glasses hung over the bridge of his nose as he read through a document at his desk.


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