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The Supreme Man: Took Everything in Power novel Chapter 632

Knock, knock, knock.

Kingsley rapped on the door three times before going in. "Hello, Mr. Parker."

"Oh, you're here, Kingsley!" When Mason saw that it was Kingsley, he took off his glasses and gestured at the chair before him. "Here, take a seat. It's been a while since I last saw you."

"I went to Diosna for a while," Kingsley said with a smile. "How are you doing, Mr. Parker? Is work keeping you busy?"

The look on Mason's face was genial. "I'm doing well. Work may be busy, but I'm all the merrier for it!" Then, he picked up a document from his desk and said, "Take a look. The project between Neveah and Coliree is excellent. I can forget about my meals whenever I work on it!"

"Isn't that just a project for setting up a local luxury brand?" Kingsley said. "You used to be the co-president of twenty-four companies. Why are you still interested in a small project like this?"

Mason shook his head. "Nowadays, everyone thinks that imported brands are the best and keep praising all the luxury brands from abroad while turning up their noses at local brands. If Neveah could use this opportunity to create a luxury brand that could crush foreign goods, that will definitely change the way people look at local products. This is something which will benefit the country and people. How is this not exciting for me?"

Kingsley felt at ease when he saw how pumped up Mason was. It seems almost impossible for Reene's project to fail when Mason's so into it.

While they were having a long conversation, Kingsley's phone suddenly vibrated. Charlie, President of the Humming Group was calling him, and he picked up the call. "Hi, President Dean. How can I help you?"

"Mr. Nicholson, I've started on the task you assigned me previously," Charlie said proudly, as though he was asking for credit. "All Clarence can think about now is setting up a business after he lost Clark Corporation, and he immediately fell for it the moment I showed a little intention to cooperate with him."

Kingsley grinned. "You're unexpectedly efficient, President Dean. That's a huge progress in just a few days' time."

"Of course, I have to act fast when this is a direct order from you, Mr. Nicholson!" Charlie chuckled over the phone. "Mr. Nicholson, I'm calling to inform you that I am capable of getting back the 70 million the Wynn Family owes you in one week's time."

Kingsley was exceedingly satisfied as he lavished Charlie with sincere praise, "Great. I appreciate your hard work, President Dean."

"You're most welcome," Charlie said humbly. "To me, this 70 million fell from the skies into my lap and I have to thank you instead."

After they exchanged a few more pleasantries, they ended the call and Mason inquired with a smile, "Did something good happen?"

"Didn't I give the Wynn Family some money before this? I asked President Dean from the Humming Group to get the money back through other means," he replied with a smirk. "I can already imagine the scene when the Wynn Family is at the end of their wits. Give it another week and they'll be completely ruined!"

Mason laughed at this news. "Why did you trouble the Humming Group for such a small thing? I can make the Wynn Family barf up all the money, too!"

"You'll need to assist Reene in her career after this." Kingsley shook his head and added, "The Wynn Family are a shameless bunch. Once they cling to you, you can't shake them off no matter what, and I don't want them to bother Reene after this. They have to disappear completely from her life forever."

Mason sighed. "You're right. The Wynns are a shameless bunch and you've avoided a lot of unnecessary trouble by doing this." A few seconds passed in silence, and he asked, "Kingsley, how are your investigations going regarding your parents' murder?"


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