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The Supreme Man: Took Everything in Power novel Chapter 633

"I've found a few accomplices." Kingsley's eyes gradually turned frosty. "Besides Randy Summers whom I've already gotten rid of, there's also Matt Fox, Felix Jacob, and Jonah Lawson. But I think that they are just small fries. The real murderer has yet to reveal themselves."

"What do you plan to do to them?" Mason asked. "Are you going to get them in one fell swoop once the real murderer reveals themselves?"

"I will try my best to achieve that." Kingsley narrowed his eyes as he ran over his plans. "I can't take my eyes off the ball and let the real killer escape." A cold light flashed past his light brown eyes. "But I won't wait for long. If I can't find the real murderer, I won't allow these accomplices to continue getting away with their crimes."

Mason nodded. "Do you already have some plans set in motion?"

Kingsley changed the subject instead of answering his question and said solemnly, "I've found the culprit behind the bombing of my family cemetery."

Mason widened his eyes in surprise. "Who did it?"

"Jonah Lawson," he answered. "He was so well hidden that I'd still be in the dark if I hadn't met you. He's also one of the murderers from seventeen years ago."

Anger washed over Mason's face. "It's really him! He's still as vicious as before, hurting so many innocent people just to blow up the cemetery!"

Kingsley nodded and said, "Didn't you ask me about my plan earlier? I plan to wait until the day the cemetery is rebuilt, and I'll eliminate all the murderers together." The look in his eyes turned darker, as though a storm was brewing. "At that time, regardless of whether I've found the mastermind or not, I won't be soft-hearted and will make them pay with their deaths in front of my parents' graves!"

Mason frowned at his words. "Aren't you worried about alerting the enemy, causing the real murderer to fully go to the ground?"


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