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The Supreme Man: Took Everything in Power novel Chapter 634

There was a pained look on Clarence's face as he roared, "Humming Group is the most well-funded investment group in Cleapolis! And who do you think Charlie Dean is? How would I know that a prominent figure like him would turn out to be a swindler?!"

"Dad, you're simply…" Alex sighed and trailed off because he was aware of the reputation Humming Group had. If Charlie personally made the promise, only a handful of people would doubt his words.

Just then, Ysabel, who looked like a soulless shell, suddenly snapped back to her senses and sprang from the couch like a madman, pointing at Clarence and shrieking, "Clarence Wynn, didn't you say that we will definitely profit from this endeavor? I invested 1.5 million in it as well! Give me back my money! Give it back to me!" Ysabel shrieked as she tried to lunge at Clarence and grab his clothes, but Elijah stopped her in time and pinned her back on the couch.

A furious Clarence yelled, "Enough! Our family is about to topple. Will you knock it off? Furthermore, did I force you to invest in this? You're the one who asked to be included when you heard about the high returns!"

Ysabel slumped into the couch as she sobbed breathlessly, "Sniff… I got that 1.5 million after breaking ties with Reene, but I have nothing left of it now. How am I going to live after this? Sob…"

Her cries annoyed Alex that he snapped in annoyance, "Aunt Ysabel, will you stop dumping more salt on our collective wounds? We'd better think of ways to get the money back instead of wailing like a banshee!"

Ysabel stopped crying at the sound of that. "What? Can we still get the money back?" She brushed her tears away. "Yes, you're right. Just like how we used to force Reene, we'll set up a protest at the Humming Group building. I'm sure Charlie Dean will return us the money!"

"A protest? Do you have a death wish?" Clarence scoffed angrily. "I heard that Charlie is very close to the underworld gangs. You may end up as a corpse in the afternoon after making a scene in the morning."

When she heard his words, she shook like a leaf in fright. "What are we going to do, then? Does this mean we're doomed? Sob…"

Clarence took a deep breath. "Nothing can be done. Everyone either hates us or is staying away from us now. We can forget about asking for aid from our relatives. Besides, Charlie Dean is someone we cannot offend. All we can do is… admit our own failure." Tears rolled down his wrinkled face as he looked around the room. "Let's sell this house in a couple of days and be a regular family…"

By now, he had completely lost all of his fighting spirit. Within two weeks, he had gone through the ups and downs of life as though he was on a rollercoaster. He didn't want to struggle or fight anymore and only wanted to live the rest of his life in peace.

Ysabel keened upon hearing Clarence's intentions. "Ah, what did I do wrong?"

Elijah hastily tried to reassure her, saying, "This villa can be sold for a few hundred thousand. Let's take the money and buy a regular two-bedroom apartment. Still, our lives will be a little better than regular people's. After that, I'll get a job and bring food to the table."

While she refused to let things go, a sharp, cold light flashed in Alex's eyes. "Dad, are we really going to let it go just like this?"

"Yes, forget it." Clarence buried his head into his knees. "This is a premeditated scam and we can't fight against Charlie Dean."

"Premeditated…" Suddenly, Alex's pupils shrank. "I remember now! Previously when the Jacobs withdrew their investment from Neveah, it was Charlie Dean who sent someone to make up the deficit for Reene. Does she have something to do with this?"

At the mention of Reene's name, Ysabel stopped howling. "Why don't we look for Reene? Let's ask her to have mercy on us and let us off."

However, Clarence shook his head. "Did you forget about the agreement I signed with Kingsley? We'll have to bear the consequences if any of us go looking for Reene again. He seemed rather influential in the underworld, and if he really decides to be ruthless… We can't even complain if we are beaten to death for not upholding our end of the bargain."


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