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The Supreme Man: Took Everything in Power novel Chapter 635

Thoughts of the agreement caused Ysabel to shut her mouth as well; their relationship as mother and daughter ended when that agreement was signed.

Now that she didn't have Reene as a bargaining chip, she no longer had the guts to provoke Kingsley on a willy-nilly!

"Alright, that settles it, then." Clarence waved his hand as they arrived at an accord. "I'll arrange for someone to take a look at the house in the next two days. Prepare your things and get ready to move."

Once he said that, he walked upstairs with a desolate expression on his face.

The once-prominent chairman now had a hunched posture as he ambled with unsteady steps, like an elderly person nearing their final moments.

Mia, who had remained silent the entire time, saw her father's resolute decision to drop the matter. Her mind wandered elsewhere as she leaned against the back of the couch. Even her mental state seemed even more listless than Alex, who was sitting in a wheelchair!

Now that she had been successively abandoned by Ethan and Nicholas, she was now recognized in their circle as a forsaken woman. Thus, after she was forced to endure such setbacks, Mia, who used to place great importance on her appearance, now appeared disheveled and poorly dressed.

It seemed as though she hadn't bothered to groom herself in a long time.

She signaled to Alex with her eyes. "Let me take you back to your room."

Then, she stood up and pushed the wheelchair toward the adjacent bedroom, leaving Elijah and Ysabel to remain seated in the living room.

Ysabel glanced at the figures of Alex and Mia as she wiped the tears from her face and whispered to Elijah, "The Wynn Family is completely ruined, there's no hope. Once your eldest brother sells the house, we have to secure a larger share of the money for ourselves..."

While Ysabel set her greedy sights on the Wynn Family's wealth, Mia slowly closed the door to Alex's bedroom.


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