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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 2314

"Presumptuous!" This time the scold was issued by the minister in the Imperial Study Room, and the emperor on the dragon chair was also very angry.

"Crazy words come, come, twenty blame!" Regardless of her merits, she hit first and then said.

"It's boring." Witchblade shook his head and said to Mousse, "I'll wait outside for you."

After speaking, she was in full view, and the figure slowly disappeared from the place!

"What's going on?" The people in the Royal Study were frightened.

She just disappeared from the same place. Is she a fairy? She also said that she would be reprimanded. Will she come to avenge herself?

"Father Huang is not panic, the knife is not a bad person." Fu Minghao quickly appeased him, and by the way explained the matter of Wu Xiaodao in detail. "Knife has a loose nature and is not bad. As long as she doesn't face her, she still speaks well."


The witch knife turned around in the palace and saw a lot of things, and I lamented that this place that cannot be cultivated is also a **** storm!

"Fortunately, this space technique does not require much spiritual support. My level is enough to scare and scare these mortals." Wu Xiaodao said with emotion.

She has not been able to compare with Wu Qizheng. If you let them know that she used this to coax these mortals, it is estimated that she will laugh for months.

An hour later, Fu Minghao and Mousse just came out of the Imperial Study Room and came to the gate of the palace to see Wu Xiaodao sitting on the palace wall. A group of Imperial Forest soldiers surrounded the palace wall and prepared to attack.

When Wu Xiaodao saw them, he waved at them and said, "Why are you two so slow?"

"Let's go." Fu Minghao beckoned to her, she immediately came down from the palace wall, ignored the people around her, and followed them out of the palace.

"Are we going to meet your sweetheart now?" Wu Xiaodao asked Mousse.

Mousse: "..."

The party came to a mansion, but they didn't see anyone after entering. They went to the backyard and saw a woman in white in the yard basking in the sun. Two aunts accompany her to speak.

Women aren't particularly beautiful, but they feel very gentle. They talk softly to the girl-in-law. They have a sense of Lin Daiyu's weakness, but they don't have Lin Daiyu's self-pity.

"Waner, why did you come out again? Didn't the doctor let you stay in bed?" Mousse walked over and covered her with a blanket on the side. Her actions were gentle.

"Mousse, you are here." The woman saw Mousse, her lips raised, her eyes full of smiles, and unexpected surprises. She reached over and brushed his placket, and asked, "Don't you go into the palace to meet the Holy One? Why did you come out so soon? Have you returned home?"

"Not yet. I brought someone to see you." Mousse looked at the witch knife.

Wu Xiaodao did not expect that Mousse, who looked cold in front of people, was so gentle to the woman, but the woman did look comfortable.

Wan'er looked over and saw Wu Xiaodao and Fu Minghao going to salute, held down by Mousse, but still stood up.

"I've seen Prince Six."

"Waner, he is now the king." Mousse said.

Wan'er was happy on the face, and she said, "Congratulations, Wang."

"You are not well, don't be so polite." Fu Minghao waved his hand, and then said to Wu Xiaodao: "Small knife, go and show Waner's body."

Wu Xiaodao nodded and walked over to let Waner sit down and reach out to give her a pulse.

Although Waner had doubts in her heart, she said she was working hard and stretched out her wrist.

The witch knife took her veins, and then she used spiritual power to enter her body to investigate, her brows frowned and tightened.


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