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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 2318

Wu Xiaodao didn't like strangers to follow him, rejected the guards of the palace, and went out on his own.

The capital is very large, and Wu Xiaodao hasn't finished shopping for so many days. Especially those street stalls and jugglers, she was very interested. It was a while to drill here, and there was a lot of fun to watch there.

However, she soon discovered that she was being followed.

At first she thought it was her illusion. How could anyone be following her? However, although her spiritual power was sealed and her spiritual power was weakened, she could not even detect it. She wondered if it was the guard of the royal palace who was protecting herself in secret, and the idea was rejected in the next second.

The guards at the palace did not make her feel dangerous, and these people obviously made her feel murderous.

She frowned slightly. Could someone deal with her? Looks like she didn't offend anyone here?

She doesn't have the spiritual power, nor the inner strength that these people are practicing here. She doesn't know how strong the other party is, and she dares not rush to meet them. She thought for a while, and walked into the commoner's shop next door.

Soon, the dressed-in witch knife left the back door, and the previous person was thrown away after a few turns. She was still a little smug in her heart, and she didn't expect to be blocked in the alley without going out a few streets.

All of them were wearing night clothes and masks, exhaling evil spirits at the sight of the knife-shaking day.

Such people are not low in strength and are not low in battle.

She didn't know how to offend these people, but she didn't dare to take it lightly. The other party didn't say much, just hit directly. Although she has no spiritual power, her combat experience is still good. Rao is a powerful opponent. She also killed several people.

The other party didn't expect that she could kill her own people without martial arts, so she rushed all over. Wu Xiaodao thought that they would chop themselves, and they were all ready, but didn't want them to sprinkle some powder in front of her, and then her body was soft and the person fell down.

Nima, actually playing poison!

Those people looked so fierce that they thought it was their own life. She didn't expect this to happen.

"Boss, thirty-two thousand silver is in hand." The speaker couldn't hide his joy.

"I don't know who this girl is, it is so valuable." Someone asked.

"Whatever the identity, we just need to take it back for resurrection." The man who was called the boss went up and wrapped the witch knife with a blanket. Others were going to collect the dead brother, but they heard that someone was coming here and had to Leaving with a witch knife.

When Fu Minghao brought people to the alley, he saw only a few corpses and blood from one place.

"Master Wang, this may not be Miss Wu's blood." The guard said, seeing Fu Minghao's face sinking.

Before Fu Minghao spoke, a little beggar ran over and handed him a letter: "Brother, someone asked me to give this to you and said you would give me a silver or two."

Fu Minghao accepted the letter, and the guard gave the little beggar one or two silvers. He turned and ran out of the alley. Those who followed him returned quickly and said, "Man, no suspicious person was found, the other party was very careful."

Fu Minghao had no hope for this, and the other party would send the letter at this time, stating that it had been carefully planned. He opened the letter, and there was only one sentence on it. He wanted to save the witch knife, and immediately went to the grove in Sanlipo outside the city. The outdated witch knife was dead.

The time given to him by the other party was very short. It was almost rushed from here. There was no extra time to arrange other things.

"Man, it's easy to arrange a trap in the woods. It's too dangerous to go like this," said the guard.

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