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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 2319

Wu Xiaodao looked up, looked at Fu Minghao's steadfast chin, his thin lips, and his stubborn eyes, seeing that he was cut and knifed to protect himself, his eyes became deeper and deeper. .


He was slashed again on his back, and his body moved forward without letting her go.

"Fu Minghao, let go of me. These people just want to use me to restrain your actions." Wu Xiaodao said.

"I won't let go of your life in this life." Fu Minghao looked at Wu Xiaodao, the emotions in his eyes rushed out, but she let her move. Immediately, a smile climbed up to her cheek and fell into the country.

Raising land, her smile converged and shouted, "Be careful behind! Get away!"

Fu Minghao also felt the murderous power behind him, but he didn't obey and he would hurt her.


A long arrow shot from behind Fu Minghao and penetrated his heart.

Time seemed to stand still at this moment, the witch knife stared at the arrow pierced by his chest, and his brain was instantly blank.

A trace of blood spilled from the corners of his mouth, his body softened, and he knelt down on one knee.

The men saw him pierced by a long arrow, lost his fighting power, and surrounded him without stepping forward immediately.

"Fu Minghao!" Wu Xiaodao's body followed him on his knees and saw his pale face, and for the first time in his life he cried because of someone other than his mother. "Why are you so stupid? Didn't you let it go?"

Fu Minghao took her hand and smiled weakly: "Get out, you have to be hurt."

"Stupid stupid!" Wu Xiaodao reached out and held his face, "There is no stupid person in the world like you!"

"Ganzhiruyan." Fu Minghao smiled at her, but his eyes became more and more open.

"I won't let you die." Wu Xiaodao took out an elixir to feed into his mouth, and then stepped forward to kiss his lips, "I save your life, you are mine, remember to take your body Promise. "

Fu Minghao's scattered consciousness slowly retreated under the influence of the elixir. After hearing her words, she wanted to say yes, but could not say anything.

Those who saw Fu Minghao seemed to be getting better. Several people stepped forward and tried to kill the two, but were bounced off by a force.

I saw the air flowing around the witch knife, and the long hair and skirt skirted behind him danced without wind. Those people were hit by the breath coming out of her.

She snapped the arrow, pulled the rest of the arrow out of the back, and sealed his wound with spiritual power. Spiritual power followed the wound into his body, repairing his injury.

Fortunately, she was so stimulated by Fu Minghao that she was able to mobilize her spiritual power unexpectedly.

"Xuanfeng, kill these people for me, one is not left!" She helped Fu Minghao to stand up, and as soon as the voice fell, a long dragon appeared in the air, and all the people around her were resolved with a breath of dragon breath.

In order to facilitate Xuan Feng's hands, she took Fu Minghao's body and flew into the air, stopped firmly on Xuan Feng's head, and watched it settle all the groves and people in the woods, leaving only Fu Minghao to bring those people.

Those people were already injured, and they were all scared to see this scene.

Mousse and his men who came to the rescue were also stunned by the dragon who was spinning in the air.

There are actually dragons in this world!

"The dragon's head is Wang Ye and Miss Wu!" Someone cried.

Mousse saw the witch knife, at this time she exuded Ling Ling's breath, and the woods turned into a desert under her signal. Suddenly he saw a woman standing on the back of a big red bird.

He shook his head, and during this waiting time, Xuanfeng brought a witch knife to him. Then he could see clearly that Fu Minghao was injured.

"I'm going to take him back to heal, others you can bring back." She said she would go back to the palace.

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