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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 2316

Everyone couldn't help shivering as they saw the lightning strike the witch.

If you do this to yourself, you might be dead all of a sudden? !!

Fu Minghao's lips were stubborn, and his eyes were staring at the Witch Knife in the air, fearing that something would happen to her in the blink of an eye.

They had known each other for only three months, but she unknowingly walked into his heart. Thinking of her leaving, he frowned.

"Last time a soldier hid under a tree on a stormy night. She was killed by a thunder split, but she was still able to fly in the air." Mousse said with emotion.

"She was injured." Fu Minghao looked at Wu Xiaodao's figure a little dangled, worried.

Mousse noticed his emotions and looked at him in amazement: "You ..."

Fu Minghao did not deny that he only glanced at Mousse and turned his attention to Wu Xiaodao.

The witch knife was chopped a bit, and it felt like it was hurting all over. Looking at Jieyun above his head, he felt a kind of scalp tingling.

Now she finally understood what it felt like when her mother was hacked. She swears with her life style, and she will never laugh at her mother again after being struck by lightning.

Fortunately, Yun Hun watched her friendship with Sima Youyue and the fruit wine and gave her water. Many thunder mines did not hack on her, and she did not hack on her with much intensity. Survived. But it was also smashed and fell to the ground. There was less gas coming in and more gas coming out.

She also wanted to remind Yun Hun not to forget to bring her a message, but now she couldn't even say a word, so she could only watch it pat her **** and leave.

Hope it sends the message back ...

Fu Minghao arrived at her for the first time and fed her all the elixir she had eaten. She felt her body feel a little bit after taking the medicine.

"How are you?" He wanted to hug her, but she was chopped into a charcoal-like body so he couldn't get started.

Wu Xiaodao saw the pain in his eyes and blinked. This guy cares about himself so much!

She wanted to say that she was fine, but she didn't have the energy to wink at him.

Mousse and the guards came over and saw her being split like this, looking at her sympathetically.

The skin is going to be cooked. It's all black charcoal. Can I see people after that? Especially a girl's house. In this way, I'm afraid I won't be able to say anything good.

"Go find a large carriage." Mousse ordered the people around him.

She looks like this, only to lie down and go back.

By the time the carriage was found, the witch knife had recovered, and at least he could speak.

"My bones are falling apart now, so I can't move it. You give me a tent."

The whole body's bones were falling apart, and the meat was roasted. This is what everyone sees.

They set her up tently, letting her lie on the ground to take care of the wind without the sun.

Fu Minghao came in busy and saw Wu Xiaodao spit out bubbles on the ground bored, and a smile climbed into his eyes.

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