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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 2315

In order for Wan'er to hurt her life, they would not agree.

Especially Mousse, although he doesn't remember the past, he has some inexplicable intimacy and love for Wu Xiaodao. Let him trade Waner's life for her life, he would rather choose to die with Waner.

As for Fu Minghao, she would not let her die.

No one understands what Witch Knife means. If she didn't make it clear, Mousse would probably not let her do it.

"I'm not one of you," she said.

Wan'er and her daughter-in-law were surprised, Fu Minghao and Mousse had speculated for a long time, but still frowned in amazement.

Fu Minghao wanted to interrupt her, but he didn't know why. He was annoyed by this idea, so the pestle remained unchanged.

"There are many continents in this world, and you are one of them. I don't know what the reason is, the people here can't cultivate. But with us, a lot of people can cultivate, and I do the same. Later I fell because of an accident. In the cracks of space, come to you after coming out. "Wu Xiaodao said slowly.

"Cultivation, what is that?" Waner asked curiously.

"It's almost the same as the internal power here, but it's better than internal power." Wu Xiaodao said, hitting a small fire group, and then collected it back.

The crowd was shocked to see the sudden flames in her palm, and before they could understand, she changed to another magic technique.

With only a little bit of spiritual power, she punched a hole in the side of the yard, and the power was dazzling.

"Great!" Waner exclaimed.

The witch knife let them know what the practice was and continued: "When I fell out of space, I found that my body couldn't mobilize spiritual power. Although I finally mobilized some, I still killed the person and horse. "

"What do you mean by self-help?" Asked Mousse.

"My mother ..." Wu Xiaodao glanced at Mousse. "My family is very powerful. If I cross thunder here, my mother, they should know my news and come to save me."

"Are you going back?" Fu Minghao asked.

Wu Xiaodao nodded without hesitation: "My world is not here."

Seeing her firmness, they stopped saying anything. She is going home, and they have no objection.

"What can we do for you?" Fu Minghao asked.

Wu Xiaodao shook his head and said, "Just help me find a place where no one is."

Fu Minghao and Mousse understood that there must be too much movement when crossing the robbery.

Where people are scarce outside the capital, they know everything, because Waner can only ride a carriage, and it took them three days to reach the mountain. They made people hunt out the hunters in the mountains and ensure that the guards were nearby to guard them when no one was in the mountains.

Wan'er got out of the carriage, a small sword waved, and a chaise longue and a simple table appeared in front of everyone.

"Go and lie down on top. In order not to hurt you, I will fix you on a chair." Wu Xiaodao said, "This process is a bit painful, you have to hold back."

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