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Genius Doctor's Fifth Young Miss novel Chapter 2317

Wu Xiaodao thought that it would be nice if Fu Minghao could go back with her. His root bones are very good. If he cultivates, it will not be bad. Although I am in my twenties and I am a few years late in my introduction, I am still in the underworld, and I am afraid that I will not make up in the past few years.

Water flows to lower place, man goes to higher position. It would be better for him if he could go to that world.

She subconsciously ignored the premise that he was going to that world.

However, she still felt that he would not follow him. She couldn't bear her loved ones, and so must he. But she had forgotten that the royal was ruthless. Even if he was very high now, it did not mean that he had been really good before.

As long as he passes, she will be responsible to him?

"That's what you said. As long as I pass, you will be responsible for me." Fu Minghao's eyes deepened, his breath sprayed on her face, and she didn't disapprove of her being black and ugly.

Having said everything, Wu Xiaodao calmed down, saw the smile under his eyes, and blinked: "Yes."

You won't go with me anyway. She added a word to her heart.

Fu Minghao knew what she was thinking, and smiled and said nothing. Whether to go or not, he still needs to consider.

Wu Xiaodao raised a dozen or so days of injuries on the mountain. These days, Fu Minghao was by her side and witnessed how her injuries recovered quickly. She saw no scars on her skin, and marveled at the world's elixir. Magical.

Wu Xiaodao still told him a lot of things about the world in these ten days, and the strange world is really a little bit yearning.

He also asked about Mousse, and Wu Xiaodao told him everything he knew, to make time. So when Mousse in the middle took Waner to see Wu Xiaodao, he stared at Mousse for several times.

What a pitiful guy. Fortunately, I forgot the past and met another person.

When she returned to the capital, Mousse and Waner could not hide the shock in her eyes when they saw her again.

"Small knife, have you fully recovered?" Wan'er raised her hand excitedly and looked again, seeing that there was really no scar on her body, she was relieved and pulled to her chair to sit down. "I also explained that I will go to the mountains to see you again. I didn't expect you to come back today. Your elixir is really amazing."

"I'll show it to you." The Witch knife held her wrist backhand and took her pulse.

Mousse stood beside Wan'er and looked at them nervously.

Waner's situation has really improved in the past few days, but since then they have seen the Witch knife once, and she can't move at that time, so this is the first time to give her a pulse after treatment.

They want to know what happened to Waner.

Wu Xiaodao finished his pulse and said with a smile, "The situation is similar to what I said before. I have already lost contact with Heaven, so I will not continue to be weak. However, I still need to take good care of this body and spend a year or two. , You can still have children. "

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