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Heartstrings on Fire novel Chapter 131

Sitting opposite Agnes, Justin plonked down a heap of barbequed Argentinean red prawns.

"So, what's your game plan for your situation?" Justin asked, peeling shrimp.

Agnes wasn't sure.

Her divorce agreement was torn to shreds by Jared.

"If you need a lawyer, I can help you out."

Agnes didn’t want to escalate things to the point where the court had to intervene.

If it ever came to that, her relationship with Mr. Whitfield would be out in the open.

And Agnes knew very well Jared wouldn’t let things get to that point.

Perhaps he wouldn't want anyone to know that he had been married before.

"Let's wait and see. I believe he'll call it quits; after all, bigamy is illegal."

Justin nodded, handing over a peeled prawn to Agnes.

"Justin, I don't want it." Agnes frowned.

"Jared's watching."

Agnes felt a pang of nerves. Without further hesitation, she took the prawn and bit into it.

Justin put on a disposable glove, chuckling while he fondly pinched Agnes’s cheek, "Agnes, you look adorable when you eat."

Jared saw everything. His face was poker-faced, but his hands were balled into fists.

Agnes and Justin had their cozy moment; suddenly, she found it all a bit dull.

Why was she doing such childish things?

Would Jared care if he saw?

He might just think they were clowning around.

So, when Justin passed her another peeled prawn, Agnes stood up and said, "Justin, I'm stuffed. I’ll take off first."


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