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Heartstrings on Fire novel Chapter 132

Jared went silent for a moment, then said word for word, "I was indeed waiting for you."

"Really? So you've finally come to your senses to sign the divorce papers?"

The moment Agnes' words left her mouth, the atmosphere turned icy cold.

The expression on Jared's face seemed to change at her words.

This woman always seemed to be talking about divorce.

Was she really that desperate, not wanting to wait even for a moment?

Was she itching to get rid of him so she could jump into Justin's arms without any guilt?

The air went dead silent!

Agnes faintly felt her phone vibrating in her bag,

Who on earth would be calling her at this moment?

Agnes began to rummage through her bag to get her phone out.

But this action was all too familiar to Jared.

A few days ago, at the airport.

The moment Agnes saw him, she pulled out a set of divorce papers from her bag and shoved it in front of him, demanding a signature.

Did she always carry the divorce papers with her?

Was she always waiting to run into him, to force him to sign?

As Agnes reached for her phone, Jared suddenly grabbed her hand.

The next second, Agnes found herself pinned against a lamppost by Jared.

Agnes was startled.

"Jared, what the hell are you doing?"


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