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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 152

Chapter 152 

*Tsk, tsk. The Chavezes are miles ahead of the Loughs, and yet Severin offended the Chavezes by beating up their patriarch’s son! What a troublemaker!” 

“Hehe, Diane’s no better. She waited for all these years for that same troublemaker, and it seems to me that Severin would at least end up crippled, if not dead, today!” 

Many of the Shanahans’ relatives or servants stood on one side and whispered to each other. Even though their voices were very soft, Severin still heard every single thing. 

“Oh, Diane. Your husband sure is something else! I didn’t think he’d go so far as to beat up Mister Rufus! Tsk, tsk. I must admit, his courage is admirable. He’s like a lion amongst sheep! Your taste in men is quite unique.” Maryam, who had been holding in her grudges before, was also there. When she saw Diane and Severin coming, she immediately walked over, folded her hands over her 

chest, and made some sarcastic remarks. 

She believed that the old lady would not help Severin at that juncture because he was an outsider and not a true member of the Shanahans. Offending the Chavezes for Severin’s sake would not be 

worth all the trouble. 

Thank you for your compliment!” Diane smiled unexpectedly, and her reply left Maryam both speechless and angry. 


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