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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 113

Chapter 113 I'm the One Behind Her

When Jackson said that, the whole room was quiet.

Someone nudged him. "Jackson, stop it! Go pick Vivian up! Don't sink to women's level and argue with her."

Jackson was drunk and tongue-tied.

He threw tantrums. "I just slept a woman. Vivian doesn't even dare to say anything. How dare Madelyn, an outsider, interfere with my business? Who the hell is behind her?"

The room became even quieter.

Benjamin chuckled.

He wiped his mouth with a napkin and got up. "I'm leaving!"

Someone asked him to stay. "Mr. Clark, don't go. Jackson drank too much and offended you. Why don't we punish him with three glasses of wine to get over this whole thing?"

Benjamin wore a half-smile.

He looked at Jackson, who had sobered up and said gently, "You just asked who was behind Madelyn. I'm telling you, it's me, Benjamin! Madelyn is my woman. I never raise my voice to her. How dare you speak ill of her in front of me?"

Jackson was in a trance.

Benjamin smiled coolly. "I didn't want to attend this dinner today. But I'm here because of Madelyn, who's intimate with Vivian! I'll take Vivian home if you're not gonna pick her up."

Benjamin left after he said that.

After Benjamin left, the room was quiet for a long time. Someone patted Jackson's shoulder. "Apologize to Mr. Clark! Jackson, no matter how slut those women are, you could only have fun with them and couldn't take them seriously. Elizabeth has a bad reputation, and you mustn't do anything stupid, or you'll be laughed at by people in our circles."

Jackson wiped his face.

He felt completely and undeniably sober, and hesitantly asked, "What about Benjamin and Madelyn?"

Jackson thought, "Benjamin is not serious about Madelyn, is he?"

Because Benjamin was known in the industry as a workaholic who didn't want to get married, Jackson didn't believe Madelyn would marry Benjamin someday.

Others laughed.

"Whether or not Mr. Clark and Madelyn will get married, he cares about Madelyn! Have you ever seen Mr. Clark embarrass anyone in public? Have you ever seen Mr. Clark defend a woman like that?"

"You haven't, right? Congratulations, Jackson!"


As soon as the persuader finished speaking, Jackson ran out the door at lightning speed.

Finally, he found Madelyn and Vivian at a bar.

But there was no sight of Benjamin.

Jackson was furious!

He was fooled!

But Jackson couldn't leave his wife here. He went over and patted Vivian's shoulder. "You can say whatever you want to me at home. Look how embarrassed I was in front of my friends."

Vivian was washing her face.

When she heard Jackson's voice, she froze.

Jackson said with a guilty conscience, "I told you I didn't take Elizabeth seriously! You're the only wife I've got."

Vivian's eyes turned red, and she slowly washed her hands.

She said calmly, "Let's talk about it when we get back. I don't want to be embarrassed in front of my friend here."

Madelyn was worried about Vivian.

Vivian smiled bitterly, "Madelyn, just don't look down on me. Come out and eat with me when you have time."

Madelyn felt sad when she heard that.

She wanted to tell Jackson to be nice to Vivian, but she couldn't get it out.

Jackson cheated on Vivian again and again. How could he be nice to Vivian?

Madelyn drove back home.

She was in a bad mood and parked her car downstairs. After a long time, she turned it off and went upstairs.

It was now nine o 'clock, and Benjamin was already back.

He was sitting on the couch watching TV and seemed to be waiting for her.

Madelyn raised her eyebrows and looked at him.

Benjamin patted the seat beside him. "Ms. Green, what happened?"


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