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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 117

Chapter 117 He Knew! He Just Didn't Want to Give It!

Madelyn's worldview was shattered by David!

She didn't like playing games with exciting love, she just wanted to be with someone she loved. Even if it wasn't Benjamin, she believed that one day she would meet that person.

Madelyn ran away.

She was scared away by David.

In the pavilion, David put on a seriousness look and looked at Madelyn's back without expression.

Her half-drunk cocktail was still there, looking sweet in pale pink. David gently picked it up, his fingers brushing over the lipstick mark left by Madelyn, and then drank it slowly...

There were many girls like Eleanor in their circle.

They had the same capricious character, just different in beauty!

But Madelyn was different. She had many advantages that other girls in their circle did not have, and because of her background, she was not petty...she was simply the perfect wife candidate in their circle!

Daniel didn't cherish her.

Benjamin was busy picking up his self-esteem from his youth, and perhaps he might not have time for Madelyn!

There was a flicker of fire in David's eyes.

Ben...if you don't know how to cherish a woman, I'll cherish her for you!


When Madelyn walked into the banquet hall, she was prepared.

David said Benjamin was dancing with Eleanor, and the scene must have been very beautiful. But seeing it in reality was another matter.

They were indeed a good match! And they had a tacit understanding.

Benjamin held Eleanor's slim waist while she spun in his arms...

The elders around them looked on with regret, remembering how well-suited they were in the past, but unfortunately they couldn't make it to the end.

Madelyn watched quietly.

She thought, fortunately she didn't fall too deeply.

Fortunately, she wasn't really engaged to him, otherwise, how would she feel about such a scene?

One song ends.

Benjamin and Eleanor both breathe lightly, and applause rings out around them.

Eleanor, who grew up abroad with a passionate and unrestrained personality, kissed Benjamin on the face in public. "Ben, we still cooperate so well!"

Benjamin didn't expect her to kiss him personally and was momentarily stunned.

He suddenly felt a different gaze, so he slowly turned his body.

It was Madelyn...

She stood in the crowd, watching them, not knowing how long she had been standing there.

As cohabiting partners, he should have comforted her and explained something to her at this time... or maybe even consoled her! But after considering it for a moment, Benjamin had to consider William's face. If he coddled Madelyn in front of so many elders, it would be equivalent to announcing their engagement.

Benjamin didn't want to be tied down!

He just stared at her, with a meaning that they both understood in his eyes.

Madelyn understood!

Why wouldn't she understand?

He knew she liked him, and he knew what she wanted. All she wanted was a long-term stable relationship between the two of them.

But he was unwilling to give it to her!"

The music started again. The elders urged Benjamin and Eleanor to dance again. Benjamin wanted to refuse but Eleanor laughed softly, "Are you afraid your girlfriend will be jealous? Or are you still unable to forget me and dare not even dance with me?"

"You're overthinking it!" Benjamin's voice was cold.

He held Eleanor's waist again. Eleanor's dancing was graceful, and her eyes were full of ambition and possessiveness when looking at Benjamin, which was quite charming and stimulating for men.

But in Benjamin's mind, he was thinking...

Madelyn's waist was even slimmer in his hands, especially when he held her from behind, making him excited beyond words.


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