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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 119

Chapter 119 It's Your Freedom to Meet Anyone!

After hanging up the phone, Madelyn was in a daze for a while.

How could she be so indifferent?

It was impossible!

After all, they had a passionate relationship, and he had loved her!

After all...she liked him too!

Madelyn composed herself and was about to start the car when Benjamin called.

Madelyn answered, her voice as gentle as ever.


On the other end of the phone, Benjamin paused when he heard her soft voice.

It was then that he realized that he hadn't seen her much in almost a week. When he came back at night, she was already asleep, and she hadn't woken up when he left...

Benjamin's voice was slightly hoarse. "Where are you?"

"I'm about to go home."

Benjamin looked at his watch and spoke softly, "I'll come back later for dinner. Can you cook something?"

Madelyn was silent for a few seconds before agreeing.

After hanging up the phone, she gently touched her warm phone, feeling somewhat complicated.

Actually, considering her current relationship with Benjamin, it was normal for him to call her to tell her to lie down in bed. But asking her to cook...it seemed a bit unnecessary!

Those sweet moments at home were like candy-coated poison that had once made Madelyn willingly consumed them.

Now, he was pursuing the white moonlight of his youth.

And she, Madelyn, was still incurable!

There was no maid at home, so Madelyn went to the supermarket and bought some groceries.

After paying, a few young people at the entrance of the convenience store laughed and stuffed several newspapers into her bag.

"Gredax Evening News is in beta version, sister, take a look."

"There's gossip about the wealthy and powerful, and the content is explosive."


They called her Miss and were affectionate.

Madelyn didn't care and casually put the newspapers in her shopping bag and placed them in the trunk.

When she got home and opened the bag to prepare dinner, she discovered that the headlines of those newspapers were all about Benjamin.

More precisely, it was about Benjamin's affair with Eleanor.

They had met at a Gartown banquet.

At the hotel entrance, Eleanor was wearing a black evening gown and her slender fingers were clutching Benjamin's clothes. There was a faint redness in the corners of her eyes, but she stubbornly stared at the man in front of her!

Benjamin turned slightly...

The camera only showed half of his face, but Madelyn could see the hatred and pity in his eyes!


Madelyn looked at it for a long time.

By the time she came to her senses, she felt stiff all over and her muscles were sore.

Madelyn blinked lightly.

Fortunately, her feelings for Benjamin were still in their infancy, and fortunately, she could still control her heart.

She casually threw the newspapers aside and calmly started cooking.

Benjamin liked slightly sour food, but his stomach wasn't very good.

Madelyn made him a lemon fish, stewed some bone soup, and stir-fried two dishes.

By the time she finished, it was almost 7 pm.

He hadn't come back yet...

Madelyn was hesitating whether to call and ask, then Benjamin called.

His voice on the phone was pleasant to listen to.

"Madelyn...I'm not coming back for dinner tonight. I have an engagement."

"I'll be back later."

Madelyn wasn't angry, she just calmly said, "If you're drinking, please hire a driver."

Benjamin was silent for a while...

Finally, he said, "Okay!"

After hanging up the phone, Madelyn looked at the table full of food in a daze for a long time.

Eventually, she slowly sat down and ate alone in silence.

There was a lot of food left, so she packed it in a lunch box and planned to go downstairs to feed the little dog after finishing her work.


When Benjamin came back, it wasn't too late.


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