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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 121

Chapter 121 Madelyn, Call Me Husband!

The room fell silent.

The men who were drinking and playing poker stopped and looked at Madelyn. Eleanor sat next to Benjamin, with the posture of a hostess. Madelyn's situation was very awkward.

If she came to play, no one invited her.

If she came to catch someone cheating, she wasn't anything to Benjamin...

Last time, Jackson had an argument with her and used Madelyn as his first target. He spoke sarcastically, "What wind blew Madelyn here! Shall we play together?"

Madelyn looked at Benjamin.

He was dressed casually today, in a black shirt and black pants. He was sitting on the sofa, exhaling smoke rings.

That was a wild look that Madelyn had never seen before.

Benjamin glanced at Madelyn and seemed annoyed, but didn't try to defuse the situation. Suddenly, Eleanor leaned in and kissed Jackson, then smiled insinuatingly, "Jackson, don't tease Ms. Green. Girls like her are too serious to play this."

Madelyn tightly clenched her hands.

Another person saying she was too serious! Eleanor and Benjamin were the same!

Benjamin's gaze was deep. He stared at Madelyn for a long time before he finally spoke harshly, "Madelyn, go back first!" That statement gave Madelyn no face at all. It was as if she was ignorant enough to come and catch someone cheating, yet not capable enough to take away another man!

Jackson sneered.

He finally got to vent his anger.

At this moment, someone spoke up, "Okay, let's not force Madelyn anymore and continue playing." The atmosphere livened up again...

But just then, a voice softly rang out, "I can play it!"

It was so soft that it was almost drowned out by the noise.

But Benjamin heard it. It was Madelyn who spoke.

His gaze narrowed and his tone became more severe than before, "Madelyn, go back first!"


No one dared to speak. Even a fool could see that Benjamin was very unhappy.

Perhaps Madelyn didn't give him face!

In the midst of silence, David chuckled lightly, "If Madelyn says she can play, then she can!"

He pulled Madelyn to sit next to him and poured her a glass of red wine.

"If you lose the game, we'll drink. If you win, you can demand anything from anyone! No limits!"


Benjamin lowered his voice, "David!"

David smiled happily!

He said, "Ben, are you afraid you can't handle it? Eleanor has given so many kisses already, why can't Madelyn kiss you? Your wife is really different, huh? Protective?"

Benjamin glanced at Madelyn.

He stubbed out his cigarette and joined the game, saying "Come on!"

The rules of the game were simple, it was just a game of comparing sizes!

In the first round, Jackson won. Although he had a falling out with Madelyn, Benjamin was too ambiguous in his attitude towards her to take any risks.

So he kissed Eleanor deeply!

Their passion was like fire, making people blush and their hearts race.

After kissing, Eleanor giggled and said to Benjamin, "If I win, I want to kiss you deeply!"

But Benjamin didn't respond.

Madelyn had the smallest cards and drank half a glass of red wine.

Her skin was already snow-white, but after half a glass of wine, she looked even more alluring than usual! David sat next to her and couldn't be completely indifferent. The way he looked at Madelyn showed his obvious affection for her, which even a blind person could sense!

Coincidentally, David won the next round.

The room fell silent.

Damn it! This was what we came to see...

Benjamin threw down his cards and stared intently at Madelyn. Before Madelyn could react, David leaned over her, supporting himself on both sides of her head.

He straightened his good-looking nose and lightly rubbed against Madelyn's.


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