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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 124

Chapter 124 Benjamin, I Did It on Purpose!

Benjamin was a little surprised and asked, "Eleanor?"

Madelyn nodded.

Benjamin stared at Madelyn's face, capturing every detail of her expression, as if looking for something.

Madelyn behaved perfectly.

In the end, Benjamin lowered his head to continue to read the documents and said lightly, "Let her come to the study."

When Madelyn turned around, Benjamin looked up at her figure...

In the living room.

Eleanor was visiting this high-end apartment.

She stared at the Morning Dew piano, and her face almost deformed because of jealousy.

She thought, "It's Morning Dew. Legend has it that Louis II often used it to play music to his beloved wife. Benjamin gave it to Madelyn. Does it mean he has fallen in love with her? Impossible!"

Eleanor would rather die than admit it!

She continued to think, "I know Benjamin. He likes the minimalist style. How could he tolerate Madelyn making this place a real family feel and filling with her smell everywhere? Everywhere!"

Madelyn stared at Eleanor after coming out and didn't speak until Eleanor found her. "He is waiting for you in the study."

Eleanor gave a rather meaningful smile.

She raised the document bag in her hand.

"I have an economic case to ask Ben. Do you mind?"

Madelyn had a faint smile.

She thought, "Fortunately, I'm not Benjamin's wife, otherwise I will be so angry that I'll have a heart attack!"

Madelyn was very generous.

"I'm making coffee. Would you like a cup?"

A glimmer of the smile flickered in Eleanor's beautiful eyes. Eleanor said, "Thank you." Then she walked into the study.

The sound of conversation came from the study, sounding like Eleanor and Benjamin talking about business.

Madelyn was not interested in it, so she walked into the kitchen to make coffee.

Because there was a guest, she made one more cup of coffee.

Just as Madelyn was pouring the coffee, Eleanor came over. She stood beside Madelyn and said casually, "I saw the Morning Dew piano. That was the birthday gift I wanted when I was 22 years old."

Madelyn certainly knew Eleanor's meaning. Eleanor just wanted to tell her that she just got what Eleanor didn't want.

Madelyn smiled and asked, "The piano is in the living room. Do you want to play?"

Eleanor changed her look.

She didn't expect that Madelyn would be very difficult to deal with.

She lowered her eyes and chuckled. She said, "With the Morning Dew piano and the white dress at Eloise's birthday party, Ms. Green, do you know what these mean?"

Madelyn looked at Eleanor with an innocent look.

Eleanor took out her mobile phone and showed Madelyn an old photo.

It was the 24-year-old Benjamin, who took a photo with the 22-year-old Eleanor. Eleanor was snuggling next to Benjamin in a white dress, and they were just like a prince and princess, a perfect match!

Behind them was the Morning Dew piano, yet it was on public display at that time!

Madelyn stared at the 24-year-old Benjamin in the picture.

In the picture, Benjamin was younger and gentler than he was now, and he looked like an elegant man that young girls would like.

Seeing Madelyn's silence, Eleanor gave a soft smile.

"Ms. Green, you are just a substitute for me. No matter how well you imitate me, you're just a fake. Now that I'm back, there is no need for you to stay with Ben anymore!"

Madelyn picked up a cup of coffee and took a sip.

She thought, "Oops, it's so hot!"

She raised her eyes to look at Eleanor and said calmly, "Whether it's the Morning Dew piano or Benjamin, I'd be quite grateful to you if you could take it away."

Madelyn thought, "Because I don't want to continue the relationship with Benjamin anymore. I want to start a new life."

Eleanor was stunned for a moment.

She didn't believe it at all, and she felt that this was Madelyn's provocation to her!

Eleanor picked up a cup of coffee and laughed happily.


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