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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 127

Chapter 127 How Could I Have Thought He Really Liked Me?

Until now, Madelyn finally knew that Benjamin only didn't care about her.

She thought, "That's right. Only me! Well, I was so confident before that I felt I was more important than Eleanor in Benjamin's heart. It's so ridiculous! How could I have thought he was serious about our relationship? How could I have thought he wanted to see my parents? It's just... It's just that I'm self-assertion!"

Madelyn's lips trembled.

Madelyn didn't want to watch the old lovers hug anymore. Every moment of their hug cut Madelyn to the quick.

It made her heart hurt and made her embarrassed to the extreme.

Madelyn held the steering wheel. At this time, no matter how bad the weather was and how dangerous it was to drive, she just wanted to leave the place that was like a slaughterhouse.

But Benjamin saw Madelyn.

They looked at each other through the rain.

Madelyn was sitting in the car, while Benjamin stood in the rain holding his beloved woman affectionately.

Time seemed to freeze.

Madelyn's eyes were sour. Madelyn stopped looking at Benjamin, lowered her eyes, and smiled slightly.

She thought, "It really discomfits me !"

She wanted to drive away, but Benjamin had already pushed Eleanor away and strode toward this side. He stretched out his hand and wanted to open the car door.

Madelyn locked the door.

Benjamin patted the car window of the driver's seat and shouted loudly.

"Madelyn! Madelyn, open the door!"


Madelyn turned her head stiffly and looked at Benjamin. At this time, her eyes were full of tears.

Madelyn knew she was not good-looking and so undignified now.

But she didn't have the strength to hide it.

Benjamin looked into Madelyn's eyes and was a little shocked. He patted the car door hard and continued to shout, "Madelyn, open the door!"

The rain poured into Benjamin's mouth, covering his volume.

Madelyn laughed at herself in a daze and thought, "It's so difficult for him from a rich family to explain and apologize to me. And I don't want his explanation and apologize anymore!"

Madelyn stepped on the gas lightly.

She drove her white BMW away slowly in the rain.

Because of the rotation of the wheels, water splashed on the ground, rippling.

Benjamin was forced to take a few steps back.

He stood in the rain, motionless.

He only thought Madelyn cried with red eyes in his mind.

He wondered how long Madelyn had watched and how long she had been crying.

Eleanor ran over.

Looking in the direction of the white car leaving, Eleanor whispered, "Ben, I'm sorry. I made your girlfriend angry! I didn't mean to. I was just sad. I just wanted to drink. I just took things too hard and wanted to commit suicide!"

Benjamin did not speak.

He wanted to smoke, but when he took out the smoke from his pocket, the smoke was already damp.

He threw away the cigarette case fiercely and said a dirty word.

Eleanor was beside Benjamin and said cautiously, "Ben, if I hadn't thrown your phone into the water willfully, Madelyn wouldn't be so angry."

Benjamin walked towards Bentley Continental expressionlessly.

The water all over him made a mess of the car, but he didn't care about it.

Eleanor got into the car and wanted to say something.

Benjamin said coldly, "Eleanor, it's the last time! If you want to take your own life, just call 911 in the future."

Eleanor cried bitterly.

She sobbed and said intermittently, "Ben, you don't care about me anymore, do you? You're the only family I have in Gredax!"

Benjamin glanced sideways at Eleanor.

Tonight William called and asked Benjamin to see Eleanor. Benjamin planned to find Madelyn after settling Eleanor, but Eleanor drank and attempted suicide. She also threw his mobile phone into the fish tank.

Benjamin said expressionlessly, "I'm sending you back!"



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