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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 133

Chapter 133 The Real Benefactor

Daniel's defeat tempered Benjamin's anger somewhat.

Avery brought over a cup of osmanthus sugar water.

Having watched Benjamin row up, Avery doted on him.

"Where's Ms. Green?" she asked. "Why didn't you bring her back with you?"

Benjamin paused.

Then he took a sip of the sweet drink. "It's too late. She's already asleep," he replied.

Avery nodded and exchanged a glance with Brianna before leaving.

Brianna probed a few times, but Benjamin answered with perfect composure, refusing to let his mother interfere with his private life.

Daniel clearly understood what happened.

He chuckled lightly, "Did my big brother quarrel with Ms. Green?"

Benjamin set down his bowl and assumed the air of an elder brother. "Daniel, it seems that the recent upheavals in the Campbell Group haven't kept you busy enough."

A dark cloud descended on Daniel's face.

Benjamin lost his appetite and got up to go upstairs.

"Brother!" Eloise couldn't hold back from calling out.

"It seems like you have a bias against Daniel!"

Benjamin turned around.

His gaze turned icy and fell upon Daniel...

"Oh, really? I hadn't noticed!"

"Perhaps he knows the reasons."

Daniel's expression grew even darker.

Clearly, Madelyn didn't forgive him. Benjamin failed to fix their relationship.

Daniel squinted his eyes and stared at the man who seemed to have everything.

It was no surprise - women usually fawned over him and did anything to please him.

But now, encountered Madelyn, a tough nut to crack, undoubtedly, he felt uneasy.

Daniel remembered that day at the club. Benjamin seemed indifferent, merely playing around.


Maybe Benjamin never imagined that he would end up taking their relationship seriously.

As for Daniel, he didn't waste any energy on the man who was disappointed in love.

As he left the Clarks' mansion and got into his car, he couldn't help but glance at the calendar.

Only two more days until he would finally meet Madelyn.

He couldn't wait to see the look of surprise on her face and to bask in her vivid and adorable presence.

Daniel couldn't help but caress the steering wheel, feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness.


Madelyn returned to her apartment after leaving the hotel.

As she stepped out of the car, she was drenched by the raindrops inevitably.

She immediately sought solace in a hot bath and a packet of Vitamin C, basking in the comfort they provided.

Although the night was already deep, Madelyn still had work to tackle.

Despite her fatigue, she persevered and opened her laptop to work on the financial report of the day.

Work gave her temporary respite and helped her forget her worries.

But as she lay in bed at night, she couldn't help but think about Benjamin.

Memories of their past relationship flooded her mind, along with the intense passion they had shared earlier that evening.

Madelyn reached for a nearby pillow, burying her face in it as she tried to banish him from her thoughts.

The following two days drifted by without any contact between her and Benjamin. She only caught glimpses of him in the newspapers.

The headline blared: "Unbeatable 'King of Law' Wins International Lawsuit!"

Countless flashes illuminated his picture, even female reporters glanced his way with stars in their eyes...

But he stood for interviews with an expressionless, handsome face.

Madelyn gripped her water glass, lost in thought.

She lightly caressed the photo in the newspaper - she had never seen Benjamin look so grave. She had seen Benjamin serious before, but it was always in everyday situations. At that time, he was just a real, shameless man.

But here he was, dressed to the nines and standing in court.

He was so sexy that Madelyn's legs nearly buckled!

She remembered what Benjamin had said: "Ms. Green, who knows which of us will get the upper hand and enjoy the beauty?

Looking at this photo, Madelyn couldn't help but agree with him.

She hated herself for being so worthless!

"What are you staring at?"


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