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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 137

Chapter 137 I Wish You Happiness

After Madelyn spoke, she quietly shook off Benjamin's hand.

"Vivian, let's go."

Vivian was sad and angry.

She raised her middle finger at Benjamin and cursed, "Son of bitch, I hope you won't have any children."

Madelyn lowered her eyes.

"Vivian, stop it. Let me part with Mr. Clark peacefully."

Vivian knew that Madelyn swallowed her anger and tolerated everything because of Samuel.

She thought she could tolerate it since Madelyn was able to do that.

Vivian said in a choked voice, "Okay, let's go home."


But Benjamin again grabbed Madelyn's hand.

This time, Madelyn shook him off forcefully.


"Ms. Green."

William went up to Madelyn and apologized sincerely, "Ms. Green, Eleanor is young and spoiled. My wife and I didn't consider your feelings. I apologize to you. I hope you can give Benjamin a chance to explain for my sake."

Madelyn gave a faint smile.

She was aching all over, but she had to argue with these people here.

No one cared about her except Vivian.

Madelyn turned around and gazed at William.

"Mr. Bennett, you did nothing wrong."

"Eleanor is your daughter, and there is nothing wrong that you and your wife care more about her."

"As for Ms. Bennett, it's not her fault to court the man she loves."


Madelyn took a deep breath.

She glanced at everyone and said slowly, "I'm only an acquaintance of Mr. Clark. I wish Ms. Bennett and him happiness for the rest of their life."

William paused.

He didn't expect the girl in front of him to be so resolute. She reminded him of Madeline.

When he bickered with Madeline because of a misunderstanding, Madeline broke up with him resolutely with red eyes.

He said inwardly, "Madeline..."

"Where are you?"

"If you gave birth to a girl, would she be abused and bullied like Ms. Green?"

William was a kind man.

Thinking of his lost daughter, he was almost moved to tears. He wanted to say something nice to comfort the girl before him...

However, Madelyn turned to leave.

Although it hurt a lot, she straightened up.

She was bitterly embarrassed, and she didn't want to be ridiculed.

Vivian used all her strength to support Madelyn and said in a sobbing voice, "Madelyn, don't be so stubborn. If you want to cry, just cry. We can't avoid meeting jerks in our life. If a jerk hurt you, just fight back. Don't upset yourself."

Madelyn paused.

She said quietly, "I'll forget about him and start afresh."

Vivian was startled.

Benjamin followed them and happened to hear that.

A trace of confusion came across his mature and handsome face.

Madelyn said she would forget about him.

Would she really do that?

After she broke up with him, would she treat him as a stranger and calmly introduce him to her new boyfriend like what she did to Daniel?

Many images flashed across Benjamin's mind.

Madelyn's face when they first met.

She pretended to be experienced in the car out of the golf course although she was a green hand.

The look on her face when she played piano in the restaurant.

He was drawn to her.

Bits and pieces of the past raced through his mind. They made out in every corner of the apartment. He liked to bite her ear and call her morning dew when she was dazed by the passion.

Madelyn was his first woman in a real sense.

Benjamin regretted it.

He rarely regretted it in his relationships.

He broke up with Eleanor resolutely back then and had never regretted it over the years.

They grew up together, and Eleanor was a childhood friend.

Perhaps he treated her well because of William.

However, he had never regretted it, nor had he reflected that Eleanor wouldn't have chosen the other man if he had spent more time with her.

Today, he hurt Madelyn.

He was regretful. He wanted to make it up to her. He didn't want to part with her.


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