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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 157

Chapter 157 See You Crying Because of Me

Less than two hours later, the four-member expert team landed in Gredax.

Benjamin personally went to the airport to pick them up.

When the experts arrived at the hospital, they didn't even have time to drink tea before starting the consultation.

Throughout the process, Benjamin was by their side.

One hour later, the surgical plan was finalized...

Camila was extremely grateful, holding Paisley's hand tightly. "We owe you so much this time."

Paisley smiled mysteriously.

In a low voice, she said, "You should thank Mr. Clark. These experts are not easily obtainable for ordinary people. Mr. Clark rarely uses his special connections."

Camila nodded in agreement.

Paisley had originally wanted to say more, but she felt it was better not to interfere with her boss's personal life.

Samuel's surgery took a long time, and Paisley left first.

But Benjamin stayed.

He sat elegantly on a bench in the quiet hospital corridor, dealing with his business on his phone.

Madelyn walked over and sat beside him.

Benjamin paused, turned his head to glance at her, and didn't say anything.

Madelyn handed him a cup of glutinous rice porridge.

"It replenishes blood."

Benjamin was probably still angry. He ignored her, didn't take the thing from her hand, and left her hanging.

Madelyn awkwardly said, "Benjamin, thank you."

Benjamin put away his phone, staring at her. "Ms. Green, how do you plan to thank me?"

Madelyn knew what he wanted!

It was nothing more than going back to his side, nothing more than starting over and playing a love game with him.

Where the finish line would be was up to him.

But with such a huge debt of gratitude, Madelyn felt a lot of pressure. She knew he had ulterior motives and that she couldn't get away with not giving anything in return.

Now she was single, and they had done it many times before.

In the quiet hospital corridor, Madelyn heard her own shallow voice.

"Benjamin, I truly appreciate what you've done for me. But... I can't repay it with a relationship."


Benjamin's tone was cold, "Then how does Ms. Green plan to repay it? With your body?"

Madelyn suddenly looked up at him.

Her watery eyes were even more moist than usual.

Benjamin stared at her harshly, not intending to pamper her.

He hadn't expected any return for what he had done for her. Even if he hadn't intended to win back Madelyn before this incident, he would still have helped. But Madelyn deliberately misinterpreted his actions.

Benjamin stood up lightly.

He said, "Well, that's not impossible! It's quite exciting for me."

Madelyn's face turned pale.

Benjamin bent down and whispered in her ear, "If Ms. Green doesn't want a relationship, then let's just enjoy pure sex. But... Don't cry when that time comes!"

He touched her cheek with a malicious grin. "I really want to see you crying because of me!"

After speaking, Benjamin planned to go out and smoke a cigarette.

But a slender arm gently pulled him back...


Madelyn looked up at him, her eyes filled with helplessness.

Benjamin, standing tall, stared deeply into her eyes.

Madelyn felt incredibly embarrassed at the moment, her voice choked. "Benjamin, I'm really grateful to you..."

Benjamin's heart softened.

He reached out and touched her chestnut-colored long hair. His voice hoarse, "I'm just going out to smoke a cigarette! Madelyn, I stayed up all night without sleep and had 500C of blood drawn this morning. Even someone as tough as me can't withstand this! Even if you're undressed in front of me right now, I might not be able to perform."

He was indeed rude, and Madelyn blushed.

Benjamin walked away and smoked several cigarettes...

Samuel's surgery was a success.

When they wheeled him out of the operating room, Camila cried tears of joy, and Madelyn held her father's hand tightly.

After a night, Samuel's vital signs stabilized.

If nothing unexpected happened, he could be discharged in a couple of months.

Camila was delighted. "It's just in time to celebrate the New Year at home! We owe a lot to Ben. Samuel ... you have no idea how capable he is."

Samuel smiled at the corners of his mouth.

While they were talking, there was a knocking at the door of the hospital room.

Camila thought it was Benjamin and softly asked Madelyn to open the door, behaving like a mother-in-law towards her son-in-law.


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