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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 170

Chapter 170 I Love You So Much! Let's Try It!

Benjamin pulled Madelyn into his arms and kissed her. "Call it again!"

Madelyn refused.

She leaned on Benjamin's shoulder, smelling the slight smell of sweat on his body, and gently hugged him.

Benjamin wanted to have sex again.

Madelyn stroked his facial features with her slender fingers and then murmured, "Take a good break and drink the soup later!"

Benjamin looked at Madelyn with deep eyes and asked, "Your heart goes out to me, right?"

Madelyn's heart indeed went out to Benjamin.

Benjamin especially loved Madelyn's gentle and docile appearance, so he pressed her and wanted to make love again.

But his cell phone rang, and the ringtone was exclusive to William.

Madelyn hated William's call very much.

Sure enough, after saying a few words, Benjamin had a darkened expression and got up to get dressed.

Madelyn hugged him from behind and didn't want him to leave.

"Benjamin, can you just leave her alone? You know she's on purpose. How long will you let her hurt you like this? Benjamin, there is a time limit for requiting favors, isn't it?"

Madelyn thought, "I'm also a woman. I can't cook him a tonic soup every time as if nothing happened, and then watch him go to the hospital to give a lunatic a blood transfusion!"

Madelyn looked at the pinholes in Benjamin's arm and was almost suffocate!

Benjamin was silent and kissed her for a long time.

He soothed Madelyn's trembling body. When Madelyn calmed down a little, he said softly, "I'll be back soon."

"No, you won't come back. Eleanor won't let you come back..."


Madelyn talked to Benjamin seriously for the first time. "Benjamin, Eleanor is not your responsibility! You can go to court for her, but your indulgence will only make her crazy even more."

In fact, Madelyn wanted to say that Eleanor should go to a mental hospital if she was really crazy.

Benjamin probably knew what Madelyn meant.

He looked at her with deep eyes and complex emotions, making Madelyn bite back her words.

Finally, Benjamin put on his clothes and left.

As usual, Benjamin did not come back.

The spring night was actually quite cold. Madelyn lay down until 3 a.m. and then got up. Originally, she wanted to go back to her apartment, but she didn't want to wake up Snowy.

She just sat alone in the living room all night.


In the next half month, Eleanor hurt herself much more.

Madelyn could hardly see Benjamin.

The only two times they met, Benjamin didn't look good and directly fell asleep as soon as he laid down on the pillow.

Madelyn didn't ask anything.

She had been in a weak position in this relationship and she had no way out.

Their relationship was so weak that Madelyn had no reason to feel distressed for Benjamin!

Madelyn sometimes thought that she might subconsciously have no hope anymore and that she persisted to this day was nothing more than waiting for a result!


Madelyn didn't expect that Alexander would find her.

Alexander's secretary took the car to pick up Madelyn in person and said very respectfully, "Ms. Green, Alexander wants to meet you!"

Half an hour later, Madelyn was sitting in Alexander's office.

Alexander valued Madelyn very much. He asked his secretary to leave, made her a cup of coffee personally, and said with a smile, "I heard from Eloise that you like Mandheling. I specially asked my secretary to buy the coffee beans. You can have a taste."

Madelyn felt extremely flattered.

She knew that high-ranking people like Alexander were hardly humble, so she thought this was not necessarily a good thing!

Sure enough, Alexander gently put the coffee down.

He sat opposite Madelyn and said, "Why don't you come these days? Eloise has talked about you every day, and my wife has also been looking forward to you coming for dinner."

Madelyn didn't know how to deal with it.

She thought Benjamin and she might not get married now.

Alexander was a sophisticated big shot, and he certainly knew what this young girl thought.

Besides, he knew Benjamin's temper!

Alexander really liked Madelyn, who was not only good-looking but also more strong-minded than his wife.

Just because of Eleanor, Benjamin hardly returned home.

Alexander had watched coldly and found something bad, so he interfered in this matter decisively.

He pushed an invitation letter in front of Madelyn and smiled very gently. Then he said, "This is an admission invitation to Edoford Academy of Music. I didn't mean anything else. You have felt wronged these days, so I think you should go abroad for two years. When your studies are over, Eleanor's case will also come to a conclusion. No matter how great the kindness of the Bennett family to our family, it will be over! At that time, it will be just right for you and Ben to get married and have children."

Madelyn's body froze.

She was wise and certainly understood what Alexander meant.

Madelyn thought, "The friendship between the Bennett family and the Clark family will not be broken because of me.

Therefore, he asked me to make a concession.

If I leave, Eleanor won't hurt herself like this and Benjamin can suffer less! Look, what a great arrangement! All aspects are considered appropriately, but there's only one thing...that it's clearly not my fault! However, in the end, I'm the only one who has to sacrifice!

Everyone is fine...

Only me! I'm the one who has to leave!"

Madelyn was so painful that she almost forgot to breathe!

In the huge and luxurious office, it was so silent for a long time. Alexander did not urge. He seemed to have endless patience with Madelyn.

Finally, Madelyn raised her eyes.


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