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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 174

Chapter 174 The Mystery of Her Birth (2)

William's blood stained the tombstone red!

In the picture, Madeline smiled slightly, as young and lovely as she was back then.

William was so excited that he blacked out, and the scene was in chaos.

The Clark family hurriedly helped William.

"William! William!"

"Mr. Bennett, what's wrong with you?"


Madelyn held Samuel's picture and looked at all of this woodenly.

She had known she was not Samuel's biological child a long time ago. She had always wanted to know who her biological father was, but she never thought it was...William!

It was the man Madelyn admired since childhood but left her high and dry.

Seeing William faint, Madelyn was unable to sympathize with him, let alone know his feelings. She just watched the scene coldly.

Alexander and Benjamin, who were present, guessed the truth.

The biological child that William was looking for was Madelyn!

This fact was like a thunderstorm!

Alexander sighed and thought, "If we had known earlier, the ending of Madelyn and Ben would not be like this!"

William woke up from fainting.

It was drizzling in the sky.

The grave watcher wiped off the blood on the tombstone and shouted, "You have my heartfelt sympathy." Under the heavy granite tomb, Samuel and Madeline were buried together!

"No!" William faltered and pounced.

"Madeline, I'll take you home!"

William was of high status but he did such unseemly behavior, which made others not know what to do!

Besides, spitting blood on the tombstone was quite impolite for the dead!

Just when William was sorrowful, Madelyn said indifferently, "Mr. Bennett, this is my mother's home. She is my father's legal wife. Where are you taking her? The Bennett's mansion? I remember you have a legal wife!"

William's body trembled!

William couldn't help but look at Madelyn, his biological daughter who resembled him and Madeline, but Madelyn looked at him indifferently and resentfully!

William couldn't bear it for a moment and spurted out another mouthful of blood.

He couldn't stop others from pulling him aside and could only watch Madeline buried together with another man in the same tomb generation after generation!

Madelyn stopped looking at William.

She stood side by side with Camila, silently mourning!


The funeral was over.

The crowd left one after another. Alexander originally wanted to talk to Madelyn, but William's condition was really bad, so he had to take William away first.

With the help of Camila, Madelyn was about to go back by car.

Benjamin grabbed Madelyn's arm and said, "Madelyn, let's talk!"

Madelyn's gaze settled calmly on Benjamin's face.

Benjamin was still as handsome as usual, but Madelyn found she was not as attracted to him as she used to be, so there was a big difference between love and not love.

Madelyn said calmly and politely, "Just wait another two days! I am not in the mood to talk about this now!"

Benjamin looked pale.

He said, "Let me send you back with Camila!"

Madelyn lowered her eyes and whispered, "No, the car is waiting. Mr. Clark, just go back!"

Benjamin guessed Madelyn's thoughts.

He knew a little about her temperament and knew Madelyn probably was determined to break up with him. Benjamin had thought about whether it was better to break up in the past two days, but it was Madelyn that he missed when he touched the pillow at night.

Benjamin missed the days of living with Madelyn and didn't want to break up with her!


Madelyn and Camila returned home, but they felt a little lonely because one person would never come back.

The two ate in silence.


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