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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 176

Chapter 176 The End of Love

The next day, Madelyn returned to the apartment.

She swiftly hired a worker to reinstall the original curtains and throw away all the vases and decorations she had purchased.

She packed up all the clothes and jewelry, worn or unworn, and sent them off to the auction house.

Madelyn was determined to leave no trace of herself in the apartment, not even the Morning Dew piano.

By the end of the day, all signs of her presence had vanished, as if she had never been there.

Finally, Madelyn noticed the little white dog residing in the apartment.

It was a stray that Benjamin had rescued and gifted to Madelyn to impress her, but he had left it to starve in her absence.

Without a second thought, Madelyn took the dog with her when she left.

After spending more than half a year with Benjamin, Madelyn left with nothing but the little white dog.

She exchanged the $50 million he had given her, as well as the jewelry, clothes, and Morning Dew, for money to donate to a charity foundation.

As she finished, Madelyn's feet throbbed in slight discomfort, reminding her of her love - an absurdity!


Two days later, Benjamin was working in his law firm, basking in the glory of his latest international case.

Suddenly, Paisley Brooks, his assistant, entered and handed him an envelope.

"Ms. Green came by yesterday and asked me to give this to you," she said softly.

Benjamin opened the envelope to find a key inside.

It was the key to his apartment - the one Madelyn had left behind.

He stared quietly at the key, lost in thought.

"Have you been to my apartment recently? Did Madelyn take all of her clothes and jewelry with her?" he asked Paisley, his voice laced with uncertainty.

"If not, please send them to her. As a man, I have no use for those things." He added.

Paisley's expression became complicated, and Benjamin looked up at her, sensing that something was amiss.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

Paisley couldn't find the words to respond, so she muttered a vague response.

"You'll know when you go back tonight. In any case, Ms. Green has indeed moved out."

Although Benjamin was a little curious, he didn't probe it.

He worked until ten o'clock at night before driving back to his apartment.

As he arrived at the dark and quiet space, he hesitated.

He knew that no one would be waiting for him, and no one would cook for him like Madelyn always did.

So, he sat in his car, smoking a cigarette before finally heading upstairs.

But when he opened the door and flicked on the lights, a wave of shock hit him.

His scalp tingled, and every pore on his body seemed to open wide in surprise!

What he saw in front of him was nothing short of astonishing!

He had grown used to Madelyn's lavishly decorated house, but now it was plain, like a sample room!

It was cold and tasteless, devoid of any human warmth!

Throwing his coat aside, Benjamin began searching every room- the bedroom, kitchen, living room, even the bathroom - but he couldn't find a single object that belonged to Madelyn or anything that she had used.

She had left nothing behind!

Benjamin stood in front of the French window, feeling a deep sense of emptiness wash over him.

Even the Morning Dew piano was gone.

It was then that he realized Madelyn's true intent.

She didn't just want to forget him; she also wanted him to forget her!

The memory of their last conversation came flooding back.

She said, "Farewell then. We'll not meet again."

The pain in his heart was unbearable as he realized the truth - she was gone.

Desperate for answers, Benjamin took out his phone and dialed Madelyn's number.

However, he was met with an artificial, mechanical voice saying: "Sorry! The line is busy at the moment. Please try your call again later..."

Benjamin looked around the apartment, feeling suffocated.

Suddenly, in a wave of frustration and despair, he threw his phone against the wall, shattering it into pieces.


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