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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 187

Chapter 187 This is Benjamin's doing!

Madelyn was trembling with anger.

Filled with frustration and wrath, she asked, "Is this what you want, Benjamin? Do you have to push me to the point where I have no friends and no family?"

Benjamin sneered.

"And what kind of friend is David to you?"

"Everyone can see through his intentions towards you!"


Madelyn knew that Benjamin wasn't joking. When he set his mind on something, he would go to great lengths to achieve it. If he said he would deal with David, he meant it.

Madelyn couldn't afford to take any risks.

David was her friend and had helped her several times. She would rather distance herself from him than involve him in this.

But resentment was festering in her heart!

She hadn't done anything wrong. She had simply fallen in love with him. Little did she know that love could also turn out to be a sin. If that was the case, she wished she had never loved Benjamin in the first place!

Madelyn lowered her head and smiled.

She muttered, "You don't love me. You're angry because your precious toy is taken away from you! Benjamin...love isn't about possession. If you love someone, set them free!"

Stone-faced, Benjamin asked, "Like David?... What kind of love is that if I don't want to have you?"

At least, that's how he saw it.

If he desired something, he should go after and get it!

Madelyn fell silent.

Benjamin took a step forward and reached out to touch her face, but she avoided his hand.


"Now you won't even let me touch you?"


Benjamin withdrew his hand and adjusted his shirt while meeting her gaze in the mirror.

The elevator doors opened.

David was standing outside and looked at Madelyn with tender eyes, saying, "Let me take you home."

Madelyn's body stiffened.

She thought of Benjamin's warning.

But David gently put his arm around her shoulder and whispered, "You look like you're about to cry. Let's go back."

Madelyn didn't know what was the right thing to do.

But in the end, she looked at David and got into the car with him.


Late night in the hotel lobby...

Benjamin stood under the dim light and smiled as he watched Madelyn get into David's car.

Madelyn wouldn't let him come near her!

Then he had to patiently wait for her to return to his side!


Madelyn wanted to have a talk with him, and David could sense it.

While waiting at the traffic lights, he lit a cigarette and took a puff. He asked, "Is there anything you want to say to me?"

Madelyn turned her head and looked at him, saying, "David, we should stop seeing each other."

"Because of Benjamin?"

Madelyn didn't deny it.

They hadn't reached that point yet, and she didn't want him to get caught up in her troubles. He deserved a better life, and she didn't want his life ruined because of her. It was not worth it.

David was smoking slowly.

As the traffic light turned green, he pressed the accelerator and drove Madelyn back to her apartment.

Leaning back in his seat, he said, "Madelyn, I've liked you for a long time. I once gave up, maybe the time when I fought with Daniel at the restaurant. I knew Benjamin had feelings for you, and I gave up because I couldn't compete with him, and neither could the James family with the Clark family. But this time... I don't want to give up!"

David looked at her and added, "Even if it means I will lose everything."

Madelyn was lost for words.

She hadn't made any promises to David, yet he was willing to take such risks for her. If she were in her early twenties, she would stand by his side.

But at the age of 25, she had matured beyond impulsive decisions.


Madelyn closed her eyes. She wanted to apologize, but she had also liked someone before.

Loving someone wasn't a mistake.

Seeing her so worried, David chuckled.

He reassured her, "Madelyn, this is a fight between men. I'm willing to do anything for you, and you needn't feel guilty."

How could Madelyn not feel guilty?

She returned to her apartment and sat quietly on the small sofa.

Snowy curled up by her side...

Her phone was just beside her hand, but after hesitating for half the night, in the end, she didn't call Benjamin.


In the following two weeks, she didn't see David.


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