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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 189

Chapter 189 Popular Nicolas

Madelyn's words dripped with sarcasm.

Benjamin felt his heart aching. He lowered his head and, after a long pause, he called out her name, "Madelyn..."

Madelyn made no response.

She tore the document into pieces silently.

Then, she looked at him as if he were a stranger and said, "Benjamin, I hope you'll keep your promise!"

He gazed at her, as he made a phone call to put an end to all the suppression against Oralas Technologies.

It was over...

Benjamin watched her back and wanted to reach out and touch her, but Madelyn's body stiffened instantly. He withdrew his hand and said with a forced smile, "I won't touch you! Madelyn, could you make me a meal?"

Madelyn didn't respond.

Benjamin couldn't help but hug her from behind. He rested his chin on her shoulder and muttered, "Please make me a meal. It's been so long since I had a proper meal. I can't sleep well at night when you're not by my side."

He was always... thinking of her!

Madelyn pushed him away.

She stood in the dark by the window and spoke in a hushed tone, "Benjamin, when I wanted to love you with all my heart, you didn't give me a chance. Now I don't want it anymore! And... I can never see David again, but I cannot be with you anymore. If you try to force me, I won't mind perishing together!"

She turned her head and said, "Mr. Clark, I believe public figures like you value their privacy, and even a single slip could tarnish your impeccable image, don't you think?"

Benjamin wasn't surprised.

After spending so much time together, it was natural for her to know some things. Of course, if those things were revealed to the public, they wouldn't cause much harm.

But now, seeing her so furious, he was willing to take a step back.

"I'll leave now... Remember to have your meal!" His tone was gentle as if he had changed into a tender and affectionate lover, and the threats from earlier tonight had never happened.

Before he left, Benjamin lightly caressed her back.

Madelyn froze and found his touch disgusted.

He paused and said in a husky voice, "Madelyn, I know you resent me, but I don't regret it!"

Madelyn sneered.

Of course, he had no regrets because he hadn't lost anything...


The next day, Madelyn went to the Music Center and immersed herself in work.

Benjamin called several times, but she didn't answer.

He often sent flowers and ordered exquisite meals from fancy restaurants, but Madelyn never accepted them.

A week later, Vivian called.

"Madelyn, David is going to the South for a business venture. His flight will take off at two o'clock this afternoon! According to Grayson, he won't be back for at least one or two years, maybe even longer!"

Madelyn held her phone and stood by the floor-to-ceiling window.

She hummed.

Vivian asked, "Do... Do you want to go and bid him farewell?"

Madelyn tilted her head slightly, and after a moment, she replied, "No, there's no need. Please convey my regards...Never mind."

Vivian sighed.

After hanging up the phone, Madelyn was still standing and gazing at the blue sky and white clouds.

David was leaving...

But she would never forget that on that darkest of nights, it was David who walked to her and filled her heart with hope and love. She also remembered his words when she was feeling lost, "Madelyn, let's give love a chance!"

She wished David a happy life.


Almost at noon, the secretary entered and said, "Ms. Green, the applicant for the driver is here. Should I bring him in now?"

Madelyn replied, "Please, let him come in."

The receptionist blushed and hurriedly left, which made Madelyn confused. Why did she blush for no reason?

Soon, she knew the reason.

The office door was pushed open, and the applicant walked in. Immediately, his long legs caught Madelyn's attention. As she looked up, she saw a young and captivating face.

He had almond-shaped eyes, a prominent nose, and thin lips.

He looked like a model!

Without hesitation, Madelyn rejected him, "You must have come to the wrong place. We are hiring a driver here."

He tossed a folder onto her desk.

"That's the fucking job I'm applying for!"

The fucking...

Madelyn looked down at his file.

Nicolas Zachary, 23 years old, from Esrand, having a height of about six feet, with measurements that...

Madelyn cleared her throat and said, "Mr. Zachary, due to certain reasons, we cannot hire you."

Nicolas sat on her desk and argued, "I am a professional race car driver. Offering to drive for your humble company is an act of generosity."

Madelyn frowned.

She responded calmly, "The monthly salary is 1 thousand dollars, and we don't provide accommodation. Take it or leave it!"

She expected that he wouldn't accept such an offer.

To her surprise, Nicolas chuckled.

Drawing closer to her, he said, "My cards have been suspended, and with 1 thousand dollars a month without accommodation, are you asking me to sleep rough on the streets? It's not safe for a guy as good-looking as me."

Madelyn continued attending to other work.

She simply said, "Given your appearance, 10 thousand dollars a month wouldn't be a problem."

He got angry and retorted, "Damn! I'm not a rent boy."

Madelyn pressed the intercom button and asked the secretary to escort the gentleman out. Her company was too small for such an important figure like him. If he were to stay, no female staff member in the Music Center would be able to focus on their work.

The secretary blushed, feeling sorry for him.

Nicolas said indignantly, "It's lucky for you that I am willing to drive for you. God damn it!"

Just then, Camila entered the office, carrying a lunchbox in her hand.

She had come to bring lunch to Madelyn and saw a tall and incredibly handsome man standing in the office.

He looked so attractive! He was radiant from head to toe.


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