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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 192

Chapter 192 The Son of the Southern Wealthy

Madelyn and Vivian entered the banquet hall.

Madelyn was observant and noticed that at their table there were mainly the younger generation of the Wyatt family. Madelyn understood that Grayson was truly serious about her.

Bryson's mother came over and exchanged pleasantries with Madelyn in a polite manner.

Madelyn smiled and presented a gift of money. The expression on Bryson's mother's face was somewhat subtle. Initially, she looked down on the girl in front of her, but after Madelyn had a falling out with Benjamin and left the prestigious family, she couldn't help but view her in a different light. Though Bryson's marriage was decent, as a mother, she could tell that Bryson wasn't very happy.

Seeing Madelyn tonight, she couldn't help but sigh.

Madelyn wasn't someone who dwelled on the past. She just smiled faintly, and it was at this moment that Nicolas came over and plopped down beside Madelyn. His captivating appearance immediately caught everyone's attention in half of the banquet hall.

William had some connections with the bride's family, and Eleanor's family was present, seated at the neighboring table.

When Eleanor saw Madelyn stealing the limelight, she was displeased. Constance whispered, "He's just a driver, don't take it to heart!"

Eleanor pursed her lips.

Now, she wanted to compare everything with Madelyn. In the past, she had been proud of herself because she had some fame in the piano world, but her limited talent prevented her from breaking into the mainstream. She had witnessed Madelyn playing the piano, and that talent made her jealous!

Fortunately, Madelyn could never be a pianist again in the future!


She thought Madelyn was impressive, but it turned out she's just average. Heartbroken and sad, she found a driver who only looked decent on the surface. The man's only redeeming feature was his face!

Eleanor felt relieved, believing that Ben would soon grow tired of Madelyn!


At that moment, Benjamin returned.

With his status and position, he sat at the main table surrounded by prominent figures from various industries.

Alexander and Tyler were also present!

Having been dealing with different people, Benjamin flourished among the older men. He chatted leisurely while smoking, glancing at Madelyn from the corner of his eye... Her dress today looked beautiful!

Following his gaze, Alexander looked in that direction.

Alexander patted his son's shoulder. "Why don't you go and say hello?"

Benjamin chuckled lightly. "With Mr. Zachary's son accompanying her, I'm afraid my seat will be taken!"

Tyler, who was beaming with delight, paused upon hearing this, "You said Nicolas... Where is Nicolas?"

Before Benjamin could answer, William approached Eleanor to greet them.

Eleanor played the innocent and called out to Alexander.

Alexander didn't like her much, but he politely responded, and then he engaged in a conversation with William. Eleanor, noticing Benjamin's disregard for her, smiled lightly and said, "I saw Madelyn. I originally wanted to apologize to her, but I didn't expect her to move on from her heartbreak and start dating a driver. She even brought him to the wedding!"

A driver?

Alexander looked at that table, and indeed, there was a spirited young man.

But no matter how Alexander looked at it, he didn't seem like a driver!

Tyler was also curious and casually glanced over, and then he couldn't remain calm.

The butterfly sitting among the women! Wasn't that his precious son?! Haha... Look at his happy expression. Where was the slightest trace of desolation?

Tyler's face immediately turned stern. "That's my son!"

Eleanor's beautiful face froze!

What... He was not a driver, but the sole heir of the billionaire tycoon Tyler?

Alexander smiled. "So it's Nicolas!"

Benjamin slowly took a drag of his cigarette, with a meaningful tone. "Congratulations to Mr. Zachary for finding his son. It seems... Mr. Zachary won't be lonely on his private jet to Esrand anymore."

Tyler looked in their direction.

He noticed the girl beside the little wolf cub. She seemed composed, and Nicolas treated her with respect and occasional care... His son could actually take care of someone!

Tyler had an idea!

He stood up and walked straight to that table, gently placing his hand on his son's shoulder, "Little rascal. Good for you!"


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