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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 194

Chapter 194 Mr. Clark Taught You Golf?

The car stopped in front of her apartment building.

Nicolas shouted that he wanted to go upstairs and sleep here because he was too tired.

Of course, Madelyn refused.

She calmly said, "If you don't want to sleep at my mom's place, then sleep on the street."

The little wolf dog gritted his teeth in anger and brought up another matter, "I should get a share of that 3 million, right? Don't tell me you want to keep it all to yourself."

Madelyn thought for a moment. "Mr. Zachary gave me 3 million to take care of you!"

So she wouldn't give him a single penny of that 3 million.

Nicolas chuckled and jumped out of the car. He glared at Madelyn. "You... You..."

Madelyn ignored him and slowly went upstairs.

Nicolas wanted to curse, but when he saw her straight figure, he suddenly couldn't utter a word.

She looked so sad...

Damn it!

He said she had feelings for Benjamin. They both liked each other, yet they pretended to be so noble. If he liked someone, he would just take them to bed and have sex with them over and over again all night!

What conflict couldn't be resolved?

Nicolas got back in the car. He had originally planned to have some fun, but tonight his mind was filled with the image of that woman looking sad.

Damn it!

Such a buzzkill!

He couldn't even muster any interest...

Madelyn returned to her apartment, and Snowy immediately crowded around her.

It hadn't seen Madelyn all day and was very clingy.

Madelyn took it downstairs for a walk, and after about half an hour, she sat down on a bench, dialed Vivian's number, feeling a vague uneasiness in her heart.

Vivian answered after a while, her voice hoarse as if she had been crying.

Madelyn spoke softly, "Let me accompany you these days!"

Vivian shook her head, "I'm fine. You focus on your own things. You finally did something, so don't worry about my little problem. You do well. There's a bit of my investment in it."

Madelyn didn't want to inquire further.

She added, "If you need money, let me know."

Although Grayson was wealthy, his relationship with Vivian was still unofficial. Madelyn didn't want Vivian to compromise by asking Grayson for help. With her words, Vivian wanted to cry but pretended to be casua. "I'm fine, really. If there's anything, I'll definitely ask you."

She quickly hung up the phone.

In the cramped apartment, Grayson stood across from her.

His face was suppressed, and his emotions were on the verge of exploding. He angrily asked Vivian, "This damn child is mine, so why do you get to decide not to keep it! Don't I love you enough? I even took you to Bryson's wedding. What's going on in your mind? Are you planning to reconcile with Jackson and return as a couple?"

Vivian's face was full of tears.

She cried and said, "How could I be with him!"

Grayson kicked over a chair.

He looked at her and said, "You're just afraid of tarnishing my reputation, Vivian. I dare to share a bed with you without caring about my reputation. It's Jackson who is wrong! What's wrong with us being mutually attracted to each other? If it weren't for his change of heart, we would have been able to get married long ago... You hesitate because you're afraid I can't marry you. Let me tell you. I will only marry you in this lifetime!"

He added fiercely, "If you dare to get rid of the child, I'll break your legs. You'll never think of leaving my side again."

Vivian cried even harder.

Grayson wanted to say something else, but his eyes turned red, and he gently embraced the woman.

"Don't cry, I'm here for you even if the sky falls!

"The child must be born. It exists because its father worked hard day and night for it. You can't say no!"



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