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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 21

Chapter 21 She Should Recover Faster If Benjamin Took Care of Her Personally

Madelyn was very embarrassed.

But Benjamin had a thick skin, and he insisted on feeding her a glass of water. Then he let her go and talked to the doctor, "It's only right to take care of Ms. Green since she was here because of Eloise."

Dr. Hudson had a good temper and smiled, saying, "Oh, that's how it is! Your relation changed so quickly!"

After examining Madelyn and confirming that there were no problems, Dr. Hudson smiled and said, "With Benjamin personally taking care of you, you should recover faster."

Madelyn blushed!

Dr. Hudson left with a smile.

Madelyn took out her phone to call Camila, but Benjamin interrupted her, "I helped you make the call to request leave and also informed Camila that you'll take a business trip for a few days."

Madelyn said nothing.

As if unaware of her displeasure, Benjamin added calmly, "I'll have my assistant bring in some food for you later."

Madelyn couldn't stand it anymore.

She asked Benjamin, "Are you holding me captive because you're afraid I'll ruin lady Eloise's happiness?"

Benjamin leaned against the bedside table, texting his assistant, and chuckled lightly at her words.

"What can Ms. Green use to ruin it?"

"Her body? Or her unbearable past relationship?"

"I thought Daniel had already made his choice. Ms. Green, are you too slow to understand it?"


He was extremely handsome, but he didn't hold back with his words, causing any goodwill Madelyn had toward him to disappear instantly.

She turned around intentionally, pretending to ignore him.

Benjamin crossed his long legs, looking at the woman lying on the hospital bed, and let out an almost inaudible laugh.

She seemed be angry!

About half an hour later, Benjamin's secretary brought dinner.

The secretary saw Madelyn and remembered meeting her at the law firm once.

He thought it was just a one-sided entanglement, but he didn't expect his boss to take care of Madelyn personally and even used his connections to help her out.

There was a hint of ambiguity in the secretary's eyes.


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