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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 211

Chapter 211 I Am Your Uncle

Benjamin sat across from Kenneth.

One had to be extremely careful when talking to someone like Kenneth, but Benjamin spoke directly nonetheless. "I want to marry Madelyn!"

Kenneth smiled gracefully.

He removed a cigarette case, extracted a snow-white cigarette, and played with it between his fingers.

After a brief pause, he stated, "We are aware of your relationship! My mother is the first in our family to oppose your marriage to Madelyn. My sister Madeline chose the wrong man and led a miserable life back then, bringing our family immense regret. So Madelyn's marriage requires extreme caution!"

Alexander looked at his son.

Benjamin's expression became calm.

"I believe you understand what I'm saying!" Kenneth smiled again. "To put it simply, Madelyn is the only girl in her generation of my family. She is extremely precious. There's no reason to make her suffer any longer now that she's been found by us."

Alexander immediately understood.

Kenneth knew everything and came here purposefully to make things difficult for him and his son.

His words completely caught them off guard!

Alexander was furious with Benjamin!

Well, let's see what you can do now!

It would be difficult for ordinary people to bear such mockery and not lose control.

But Benjamin remained composed, respectfully pouring coffee for Kenneth.

"I will remember everything uncle Ryan said."

"I will treat Madelyn well and never let her suffer again."


Kenneth was slightly surprised.

He had heard that Benjamin was eloquent in court, but he didn't expect him to be so brazen-faced. Kenneth glanced at Benjamin and got up lightly, "I've taken up enough of your time! I'll leave now!"

Alexander and Benjamin personally escorted him.

Several black-clad bodyguards approached, surrounding Kenneth as he got into the car.

Benjamin opened the car door for Kenneth. "Take care, uncle Ryan. I'll definitely visit you in Vadiff another day."

Kenneth paused for a moment, looking at Benjamin's face. Then he smiled faintly and got into the car.

The four Audi A8s drove away slowly.

"All right, we don't need to discuss whether I agree with your marriage to Madelyn anymore," Alexander scoffed at his son. "Can't you see it? Madelyn's family opposes your marriage! The Ryan family has a remarkable history. It isn't as simple as you going rogue with Madelyn for this to work! Kenneth is ruthless and can accomplish whatever you can think of!"

Benjamin stood there with his hands in his pockets, looking into the distance.

He could still laugh at such words, "Father, don't you think Madelyn looks a lot like Kenneth?"

Alexander was infuriated!

That's all this shameless brat now cares about?

Back in the hall, Eloise actually came downstairs. She peeked outside and eagerly said, "Madelyn's uncle is so handsome!"


After leaving the Clarks' mansion, Kenneth went straight to Camila's place.

Camila's neighborhood was less upscale, but it still had a homey feel. When the four black Audi A8s arrived, along with the bodyguards along the way, it left quite an impression on Camila.

Kenneth spoke politely to her.

Camila had seen the world, but this man still amazed her.

Even Snowy barked twice.

Kenneth smiled, "You must be Camila! I am Madeline's twin brother, Kenneth."

Camila was once again shocked.

She shook her head, making sure she wasn't dreaming!

Kenneth was foreign to her, but he knew so much about her. "My sister and brother-in-law have died," he added softly. "I know you were the one who looked after Madelyn all these years. I came this time to mourn my deceased sister and brother-in-law, as well as to welcome you to Vadiff. My mother wishes to meet with you!"

Camila was deeply moved.

She'd never met Madeline, but this man was Madelyn's biological uncle, and he carried himself so well.

She was happy for Madelyn.

Camila poured coffee for Kenneth and smiled, "Mr. Ryan, Madelyn is currently on a business trip in Esrand. When she returns, I'll ask her to go to Vadiff and meet with your mother... As for me, I won't go, to avoid causing any trouble."

But Kenneth insisted.

He gently held Camila's hands and spoke even more kindly, "Camila, you're creating distance if you say that. My mother made it clear that I must invite you to stay in Vadiff for a few days!"

Camila blushed.


Even at her age, she felt a little shy being gazed at by such a charming and refined man and holding hands with him. "I can't make that decision," she muttered. "I need to talk to Madelyn about it!"

Kenneth let go of her hands and smiled as he sipped his coffee.

After a while, he chuckled, "I didn't expect that child to be so independent. Camila, you seem to be acting like a younger generation, reporting everything to her!"

Camila felt embarrassed, but she really couldn't make the decision.

She called Madelyn and quickly explained the situation.

There was silence on the other end of the phone before Madelyn asked softly, "Is he with you?"

Camila sighed, "I'll let him talk to you over the phone!"

Camila handed the phone to Kenneth.

Even Kenneth, such a prominent figure who had experienced many ups and downs, had a slight tremor in his voice when talking to his sister's flesh and blood on the phone: "Madelyn, I am your uncle."

Kenneth spoke slowly and recounted past events, saying many things.

Madelyn's throat felt dry.

She had never met anyone from her grandmother's side, and if she knew about their prominent status, she would probably feel uncomfortable. She felt much better after learning that the Ryan family had never given up on her mother.

Kenneth said gently, "I will go mourn your mother later. When you finish your work, I will send a private plane to pick you up to Vadiff."

Madelyn agreed.

She asked Kenneth with a plea, "Please take care of my... mom."

Kenneth knew she was referring to Camila and smiled as he agreed.

After hanging up the phone, Kenneth smiled and said, "Please show me the way, Camila. I want to see... my sister!"

Camila's eyes turned red.


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