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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 217

Chapter 217 Broken Hands

Benjamin wanted to see Madelyn, but it took a lot of work.

Kenneth had people guarding her.

The remaining Clark family could go to the hospital; only Benjamin was stopped outside. So Benjamin went to plead with Kenneth.

There was a small meeting room in the hospital.

Kenneth sat inside, busy with his work. He had moved everything to Gredax. No matter how busy he was, he couldn't let Madelyn face the current situation alone.

Benjamin came to beg him to let him see Madelyn.

Kenneth slapped him a few times, then left Benjamin hanging there.

Benjamin, such a proud man, had given up his self-esteem and pride, kneeling in front of Kenneth for four or five hours.

After a long time, Kenneth looked up and spoke to him.

Kenneth's tone softened, but it was still cold, "Benjamin, begging me is useless! You know it yourself, you and Madelyn have come to an end, regardless of whether this child... whether..."

Kenneth's eyes turned red, and he lit a cigarette to calm himself down.

It took him a while to continue, "Regardless of what happens to the child, you two have no chance! Not now, not in the future! No woman can be so generous, unless she's a fool!"

How could Benjamin not understand?

After Madelyn broke up with him last time, he pleaded and begged for a chance to reconcile.

Everest's arrival had eased their relationship.

In these six or seven months, Madelyn's attitude towards him had changed from cold to warm and then to gentle and considerate. Their short married life was actually pleasing.

Thinking about these things, Benjamin's heart ached.

He lowered his posture and said, "I know, uncle. Now I only ask for a chance to take care of her!"

Kenneth sneered, "Are you sure you won't disgust her?"

Benjamin felt humiliated.

Just then, one of Kenneth's men came to report, "Mr. Ryan, Mr. Bennett and Ms. Bennett have gone to Ms. Green's ward and insisted on seeing her! Ms. Green agreed to see them!"

Kenneth closed his files and walked out quickly.

Benjamin followed him.


In the ward, Madelyn stood quietly by the window.

Since giving birth to Everest, she had hardly slept, standing day and night.

She hoped the doctor would suddenly come and tell her, "The child is out of danger, and you can breastfeed her."

She knew it was wishful thinking but longed for it day and night.

In just two days, she had become unhealthily thin.

William brought Eleanor to see her, and when he saw how thin Madelyn had become, he felt guilty, "Madelyn, Daddy didn't mean it. Daddy didn't know this would happen! Eleanor didn't expect it either. We both want you to be well!"

Madelyn smiled faintly.

Want her to be well!?

Since William appeared, how often had he considered his so-called flesh and blood? But he could still say with his mouth that she was his only biological child.

Madelyn turned around.

She had lost a lot of weight, but she was still beautiful.

But there was no light in her eyes; the warm girl from before now had dead eyes.

Madelyn said calmly, "Do you know what I think of you?"

William trembled.

Madelyn said softly, "I used to look up to you, but after a while, I realized you were just an ordinary man with your own selfishness! You're like someone trying to sell garbage to others! Of course, this is just my point of view! When I loved Benjamin, I thought Eleanor was garbage. When I stopped loving him, I realized Eleanor is not garbage but junk food, something that my husband finds disgusting but still delicious!"

William's face turned pale.

Eleanor's pretty face twisted.

At that moment, Kenneth and Benjamin arrived at the door...


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