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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Daniel, How Will You Compensate?

Madelyn woke up early in the morning.

Beside her pillow was a delicate square velvet box.

Madelyn was so surprised and opened it.

Inside was a dazzling diamond ring. It was Tiffany's classic model, with a visible carat weight.

Madelyn guessed who gave it to her.

She found it ironic.

Daniel had forced her into a dead end, almost causing her to be raped, yet he still had the audacity to send her a diamond ring!

Just as she was about to ask a nurse to return it to him, the door opened.

Daniel walked in and saw Madelyn looking at the ring. He spoke in a rare gentle tone, "You're awake? Do you like it?"

Madelyn closed the box and smiled faintly. "I do."

"What woman doesn't like diamonds?" Daniel said.

"But Daniel, I don't want your things." Madelyn replied.


Madelyn thought she would feel disgusted and angry when she saw his face again, but she was surprisingly calm, as if he were a stranger.

Maybe after despair, she didn't loved him anymore!

Daniel looked down and said softly, "Madelyn, this is my compensation to you. Nothing more."

Madelyn raised her head and held back tears. "Compensation? How can compensate me? If you truly feel sorry for me, let my father go! I'll leave Gredax with my parents immediately and never appear in front of you again, nor will I stand in your way! Daniel, please, I beg of you. Can you do that?"

But Daniel couldn't do it!

He put his hands in his pockets and stood up straight. "Let's talk again when you've thought it through."

Madelyn couldn't hold back any longer. She threw the diamond ring at him with all her strength.

"Daniel, get out!"

The hard little box scraped Daniel's forehead and left a thin cut...

But he didn't care.

He bent down to pick up the small box and put it in his pocket. One day, he would personally put this diamond ring on Madelyn's finger and make her willingly become his woman.

"This was an accident." He said.


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