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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 239

Chapter 239 He and She, Just a Night of Passion

Late at night, Kenneth was in Vadiff, slightly tipsy and leaning against the sofa after socializing.

A servant brought him a sobering coffee.

He waved his hand to indicate that it wasn't needed, and the servant tactfully retreated.

Kenneth's voice was gentle as he asked, "What's wrong? Did that jerk bully you?"

Madelyn shook her head, saying, "No! I have something I want to ask Uncle for help with... Well, it's about Eloise! Benjamin told me she ran away two years ago and hasn't come home. I want to ask Uncle to keep an eye out for her."

Before she finished speaking, Kenneth sat up lightly.

He unbuttoned two buttons on his shirt, speaking softly into the night, "She hasn't been home for two years?"

Madelyn responded with an affirmative sound.

Kenneth fell silent, and from the other end of the phone came his heavy breathing. After a while, Kenneth spoke softly, "I happen to be on a business trip to Gredax tomorrow. Come and see little Everest!"

Madelyn asked in surprise, "What a coincidence?"

But Kenneth had already hung up the phone, otherwise... he would lose control!

The night grew thick.

Some memories he had tried hard to forget surfaced in his mind. He closed his eyes, as if he could still hear a tender voice.

"Uncle Ryan, please don't be mad at my brother."

"Uncle Ryan... Will little Everest be okay?"

"Uncle Ryan, you're drunk! Please stop drinking... Mmm... Uncle Ryan..."


Kenneth's face turned red from the alcohol, reminiscent of that night of loss of control.

That night, he pressed down a girl 16 years younger than him, possessing her as if he had gone mad.

She cried in his arms, calling him "Uncle Ryan!"

But it didn't awaken the beast within him.

That night, he hurt her.

The night grew even darker.

Kenneth quietly lit a cigarette.

He knew that with his position, it would be best not to get involved with that person anymore. He couldn't give her a future, and besides, he was 16 years older than her!

But she did have a relationship with him after all, and she was so heartbroken when she left.

He always wanted to know that she was safe.

Kenneth considered himself tough as iron, but those six months of being together, and the sound of "Uncle Ryan" softened his heart...

When she left, he knew he couldn't bear it!

But what else could he do?


The next day, Kenneth was coming over.

Madelyn didn't go to Benjamin's company. In the morning, she took little Everest to the hospital and returned to the villa in the afternoon.

Kenneth arrived around two o'clock in the afternoon.

He didn't mention Eloise, but Madelyn talked about some situations.

He played with Everest, seemingly listening absentmindedly... Around five o'clock, he bid farewell to Madelyn, saying, "I have to rush back to Vadiff, so I won't stay for dinner!"

Madelyn was surprised, "Don't you even have time for a meal?"

Kenneth held Everest and smiled faintly, "There's still business to attend to! Next time!"

Madelyn felt that he was not in a good mood.

But he didn't want to say, and she, as a junior, couldn't ask too much.

Kenneth kissed Little Everest again and left briskly.

He got in the car, sat quietly, and the driver asked softly, "Mr. Ryan, where do we go now?"

Kenneth gently spread out his palm.

There was a faint pink scar on it!

He whispered, "Go to 19 Oretin Road!"

The driver had been with him for a long time and naturally knew some things that Mr. Ryan had never mentioned. But for about half a year a few years ago, Mr. Ryan used to come to Gredax one or two nights every week.

That apartment was Mr. Ryan's secret place for a woman.

An hour later, the car stopped in front of the apartment building on Oretin Road, and Kenneth went up alone.

The apartment is approximately 120 square meters and the decoration is very luxurious.

It had been a long time since he last came, and there was dust everywhere, indicating that the lady of the house hadn't been here for a long time either.

Kenneth brushed off a spot on the sofa.

He smoked quietly.

In fact, he had thought about marrying her.

Firstly, she was too young, and secondly, their relationship was more of a one-night stand! Moreover, given his complicated situation and her innocent nature, she was not suitable to be Mrs. Ryan.

After a while, Kenneth made a phone call to his secretary, his voice slightly hoarse.


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