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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 242

Chapter 242 Do You Want to Leave Everest without A Proper Status?

William came over and happened to hear this conversation.

He stood at the entrance of the hall, feeling extremely embarrassed, his voice trembling slightly, "Alexander, are you really going to cut ties with me?"

Alexander looked at him with a sickly appearance, and his heart was also filled with reluctance!

But he was the head of the family.

He was Madelyn's father-in-law and also little Everest's grandfather. The Clark family couldn't have any more involvement with the Bennett family, otherwise it would be the greatest injustice to Madelyn and her daughter!

Alexander made up his mind and nodded, "That's right! This is where we part ways!"

William leaned against the door handle, his body swaying.

To think that his relationship with Alexander had come to this point... Was he really such a failure as a person? Why couldn't he ever keep the people around him?

When he asked, Alexander said in a deep voice, "As a man, one should make decisive decisions! If back then when Madeline misunderstood, you had chased after her in time, would we be in this situation today? You love this one and feel sorry for that one. One mistake after another! You want Madelyn to call you father, yet you greedily want her to become good friends with Eleanor too. William... you're truly confused!"

William's face turned pale.

His gaze fell on Madelyn and the little Everest by her side.

He finally managed to see her one last time.

With only one wish before he died, he asked in a trembling voice, "Madelyn, can you call me father?"

Madelyn calmly looked at him.

She was never one to beat around the bush and calmly refused, "Mrs. Clark, take care!"

William's face turned even paler.

He gave a bitter smile and took out a beautiful small object from his pocket. It was a glass trinket he had bought, intending to give it to little Everest. But his fingers trembled and it slipped onto the ground.

The sharp fragment grazed Everest's tender little leg.

Bright red blood slowly seeped out!

Benjamin quickly picked up Everest and pressed paper towels against her leg. Then he whispered to Madelyn, "There's hemostatic enzyme in her small backpack!"

Madelyn immediately found it and gave one to little Everest to eat!

The fresh blood on the little one's leg kept slowly seeping out. Everest was afraid of blood and buried herself in Benjamin's arms, delicately crying out for her daddy to make it better...

Benjamin comforted the little one, his brows and eyes filled with tenderness.

Unintentionally, there was also impatience directed towards William.

William visibly startled.

He didn't expect it to turn out like this; he only wanted to give the child a toy.

Alexander also felt heartbroken. He calmly said, "You don't know that I don't blame you! William... just go, and don't disturb Madelyn anymore. This child has suffered enough. Let her live well!"

William left in a daze.

As he reached the door, Madame Bennett couldn't help but complain, "It's just a small cut, yet everyone's making such a fuss about it! Benjamin's gaze could devour you!"

Constance added, "That child is too fragile!"

William remained silent.


In the Clark family hall.

Once William left, Alexander picked up little Everest, showering her with kisses, incredibly worried, "Is Everest still in pain?"

"It hurts!" Little Everest's tender face scrunched up. "Grandpa, blow on it."

Alexander, a figure like him, grabbed the little hand and lovingly blew on it.

Finally, the little one was coaxed into laughter.

Alexander held his granddaughter and said to Madelyn, "This child looks so much like you! Her temperament is just like Ben's!"

As he spoke, his face was filled with pride.

Madelyn smiled gently.

But deep down, she worried.

Benjamin squeezed her hand and whispered, "Everest has panda blood and a clotting disorder. Being a direct relative, I can't donate blood to her, and this type of blood is rare even in blood banks. So Everest needs to be taken care of more preciously than ordinary children."

He didn't explain it explicitly, but Madelyn understood.

Between them, someone had to sacrifice their career to accompany little Everest.

She made a soft sound of agreement.

Brianna felt that this topic was too heavy. She glanced at her son and told Madelyn to go to the small flower hall for coffee.

In the hall, only the three generations remained!

Alexander held little Everest in his arms and looked at his son, saying, "Ben, what do you think? Do you two want to leave my precious baby Everest without a proper status?"

Benjamin chuckled, "Dad, isn't there a process for that? I can't just drag Madelyn to the marriage registry now, can I? Besides, we're living together now, and it's fine!"

Little Everest muttered softly, "Mommy sleeps with me!"

Benjamin was speechless.

Alexander narrowed his eyes, "You're still looking at Everest like that?"


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