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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 244

Chapter 244 Tell Me Who Is The Father?

In the dark night, in a dilapidated house in a small alleyway,

Benjamin stared at his sister, who had been in pain for many years. He looked at her plain clothes and then at the rundown house behind her.

His eyes began to ache, and his hand holding the cigarette trembled slightly.

After taking a deep drag of smoke, he walked inside and looked around, asking, "Where's the child?"

Eloise was taken aback and asked, "Did my sister-in-law tell you?"

Benjamin replied impatiently, "No, she didn't tell me. Did she help you hide and continue living in this broken place?... Whose child is it?"

Up until now, he truly didn't know who the child's father was.

Eloise tried to block him from entering the room.

Benjamin stubbed out the cigarette and exhaled the last puff of smoke, saying, "Tell me."

Whoever it was, within a day, he would give that person a good beating!

Eloise stood in front of the bedroom door and pleaded softly, "I'm doing well with Emerson! Brother, I can take care of him myself. Please don't ask anymore!"

Benjamin's eyes reddened.

He was only half a step away from her. He reached out, pulled her behind him, and entered the bedroom himself.

The bedroom was simple, less than 10 square meters in size.

Apart from the old bed, there was only a small desk with dozens of magazines on top.

Benjamin walked over and flipped through those 18+ magazines. The covers all featured Eloise--Ms. Green of the Clark family!

His Adam's apple bobbed a few times, and then he approached the old bed.

The child was sleeping soundly, so small.

A fair face with a short, brown hairstyle.

Those familiar eyebrows and eyes, along with that unique hair color, made Benjamin's eyes well up!

He didn't ask who the child's father was anymore because he didn't need to ask!

Benjamin suddenly turned around and glared at his own sister.

Eloise's lips trembled, and her entire face contorted. She pleaded cautiously, "Brother, don't look for him! Please don't look for him... I'm separated from him."

Benjamin reached out and gently touched the little one.

Warm and cozy...

Benjamin paused for a moment and asked softly, "Him? Which him? Eloise, tell me!"

Eloise covered her mouth.

Deep down, Benjamin already knew whose child it was.

Suppressing his voice, Benjamin said, "When did you get involved with him? Do you know what you're doing? He's over ten years older than you, someone with his status in his forties who doesn't get married. He's been with so many people, how could he be interested in a little girl like you?"

Eloise felt extremely embarrassed.

She knew that she had overestimated herself!

Benjamin didn't ask any further. He took off his coat and dressed little Emerson, then gently picked him up.

"Brother!" Eloise grabbed his arm and pleaded.

In the dim light, Benjamin's face was as calm as water. "Either you come back with me now, or I'll call Kenneth and have him come pick you and your son up. You choose one!"

Eloise had no choice.

She packed a few clothes and left with Benjamin.

When they were going downstairs, Emerson woke up.

He looked at Benjamin drowsily, with a slightly frightened expression but no tears.

Benjamin touched his head and said very gently, "I'm your uncle! Mommy is here too!"

Emerson saw Eloise beside him.

He closed his eyes peacefully.

Seeing this, Benjamin's heart ached. When they reached the car, he carefully placed the little one in the child seat and then looked at his sister.

Eloise silently got into the car and whispered, "Please don't tell Mom and Dad for now, okay?"

"You're still afraid, huh?"

Benjamin snorted coldly, closed the car door, and went around to the front to get in. He was really annoyed and wanted to smoke, but he held back because of the child.

There was silence for a while, and then he gently pressed the accelerator.

After half an hour, the car slowly entered the gate of the villa.

Originally, Benjamin didn't plan to disturb Madelyn, but she already had something on her mind, and the sound of the door opening and closing woke her up. She put on a robe and quietly got up.

Standing in the stairwell, she saw Benjamin holding Emerson, with Eloise following behind.

Madelyn was momentarily stunned.

Benjamin whispered, "Tonight, let Emerson sleep with Everest first! You talk to Eloise!"

Madelyn nodded.

She continued upstairs and opened the door for Benjamin.

Benjamin carried Emerson inside and gently placed the little one in the bed where Madelyn had been lying...

Perhaps the bed was too soft, and little Emerson didn't wake up.

Everest, on the other hand, woke up slightly. He opened his eyes just a crack, then turned over and hugged Emerson, holding him as if he were hugging a puppy while sleeping...

The two had similar fair faces, features, and chestnut hair.

Benjamin's heart softened.

He touched little Everest, then lightly touched Emerson, and softly said, "This child looks like his father!"

Madelyn felt guilty.

Benjamin turned around and spoke gently, "You should have figured out whose bastard it is, right?"

He said it rudely!

Madelyn whispered, "Don't let the child hear. Let's talk about it tomorrow!"

Benjamin glared at her fiercely.

In the past, Madelyn would have been afraid of him, but now she wasn't so afraid anymore... As she walked out of the bedroom, she had the courage to say, "You shouldn't take your anger out on me! It's not like I did it!"

Benjamin's expression softened a bit.

He held her hand and said, "Spend some time with Eloise. I'll go to the study and smoke a cigarette."

Madelyn nodded.

In reality, they hadn't resolved their own issues yet, and they still had resentments between them, but when faced with what happened in the family, they instinctively relied on each other.

What should they do?

Eloise called him brother and called her sister-in-law!

Madelyn led Eloise to the guest room and whispered, "Your brother is angry, don't mind it! Take a shower first, and I'll make you a late-night snack-your favorite fried chicken."

Just as she was about to leave, Eloise held onto her tightly.


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