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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 247

Chapter 247 Kenneth: Let's Meet

Madelyn didn't return to the villa until 9 o'clock in the evening.

Dim yellow light spilled out from the hall, casting a warm glow in the foyer.

Everest sat at the piano while Benjamin accompanied him.

Benjamin was dressed in a classic three-piece suit. He had taken off his coat, revealing his slender and well-built figure. Upon seeing Madelyn, he lightly swayed his wine glass and asked, "How was your shopping?"

Madelyn put down her bag and sat on the sofa, gently massaging her sore legs.

Everest wanted to run over...

She had initially learned to play the piano to find her mother, but now... she couldn't let it go!

Benjamin gently held back her brown curls and said seriously, "Play this piece five more times!"

Everest: ...

Daddy was so mean. When you asked me to help you win mom over, you didn't look like this!

Everest continued playing the piano with great enthusiasm!

Madelyn felt amused and exasperated as she said to Benjamin, "She's only four or five years old. Why do you have to push her like this?"

Benjamin squatted in front of her, massaging her feet, his voice soft and gentle. "She has talent! Madelyn... I've always wanted to apologize to you, but no matter how many apologies I give, your feet can never fully recover. So, I want to give Everest another choice!"

Madelyn remained silent, simply gazing at him.

She rarely looked at him like this because in the past, she had always avoided developing such feelings for him.

After a long while, she whispered, "Even though that's the case, don't push her too hard! I want Everest to live freely, and besides... with you here, she won't be lacking in the future."

Benjamin smiled lightly. "It's rare that I still have some merits in Ms. Green's heart."

They changed the topic and talked about Eloise for a while.

Benjamin had probably thought a lot during the day. He held her snow-white instep and murmured, "I won't force you or make you do anything because of Eloise's situation! They are them, and we are us!"

Madelyn looked at him under the light.

Her gaze carried a touch more tenderness than usual, natural and not deliberately done to placate him.

Benjamin became somewhat emotional.

His voice was hoarse as he said, "Madelyn, do you perhaps like me a little?"

Madelyn reached out and lightly touched his handsome face. "It seems like I do, just a little!"

Benjamin chuckled softly.

Just as they were both becoming somewhat emotional, little Everest angrily played the piece five times and ran over, demanding that Daddy massage her feet.

Benjamin doted on her.

He held the little girl in his arms, not only massaging her feet but also her hands.

Finally, Everest stopped feeling jealous and nestled in his embrace, feeling a bit embarrassed as well.

Madelyn ruffled her little head and said to Benjamin, "She really likes you."

Benjamin playfully flicked her nose, saying, "She's still getting jealous at this age."

That night, Madelyn still slept with little Everest.

Benjamin didn't bring up the idea of her sleeping in the master bedroom again, nor did he demand any intimacy from her. The way he had acted towards her in the walk-in closet during the day without her pushing him away... showed that she no longer rejected him like that.

He wasn't in a hurry.

This time, he wanted to take it slow with her.

To have a serious, proper love.


At night, Eloise stood on the terrace.

Emerson was with Brianna, and this was probably the most relaxed evening she had in years. She should have been happy, but after going through so much, she could never return to being the carefree Eloise she once was.

Suddenly, a phone call came from inside the room.

She walked over to answer it, and it was an unfamiliar number.

Eloise didn't think too much and immediately picked up the call. "Hello!"

The person on the other end remained silent for a moment before speaking hoarsely, "It's me."

Eloise's whole body froze.

It was... Kenneth.

She had never anticipated receiving his call, especially after their unpleasant separation. When they parted ways, she left with despair and resentment.

Her lips trembled, but she ultimately couldn't say anything.

In comparison, Kenneth appeared much calmer. He asked softly, "Did your brother say you haven't been home for two years?"

Eloise felt as if her throat was blocked.

She suppressed her emotions for a long time before managing to squeeze out a voice, "Mr. Ryan, why are you calling me? We made it clear that we wanted nothing to do with each other."

Kenneth's tone carried a hint of tenderness, just like how he used to coax her in the past. "Your brother said you're not doing well."

Eloise half-closed her eyes and replied, "I'm fine now!"

Silence lingered between them.

After a while, Kenneth spoke softly, "I'm in Gredax! Can we meet? I'm still in that apartment."

Eloise finally exploded, "Meet? Mr. Ryan, what do you take me for?"

"Are you a delicacy that you suddenly remembered, or one of your many admirers?"

"Am I that unbearable to be seen?"


Kenneth's breath hitched.

His voice remained gentle, "Eloise, it's just a meeting, let's have a meal together."

Eloise restrained herself and whispered, "Mr. Ryan, I won't go anymore!"

She abruptly hung up the phone.

Late at night, she cried alone on the terrace for a long time...

She didn't know when she started liking Kenneth, maybe it was when she saw him working in the hospital, or when she saw him smoking alone late at night. Perhaps it was because she witnessed a man's loneliness...

She called him Uncle Ryan.

She was afraid of upsetting her brother, so she always carefully stayed by Kenneth's side, trying to make him happy.

As time went on, he allowed her to stay close to him.

He often stayed up late, and sometimes when she got tired, she would sleep on the couch in his small office. One night, she woke up and found him covering her with a blanket. His face under the bright light was particularly attractive, and she couldn't help but call out, "Uncle Ryan..."

Later, they kissed.

Kenneth is much older than her and a mature man. He effortlessly manipulates women.

That night, he toyed with her playfully.

But... he didn't possess her.

It was the first time she realized that a man's skills could be so good... In the following days, she tried to avoid him and didn't dare to see him.

He didn't seek her out again.


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