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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 252

Chapter 252 Benjamin: I Belong to Mrs. Clark! 

The former unmarried couple met in silence. 

Daniel couldn't even bring himself to ask about Kenneth. 

He had countless romantic encounters throughout his life, but deep down, he knew that besides missing Madelyn, he also missed Eloise. 

Now seeing her again, he felt like it was a lifetime ago. 

But Eloise had moved on. 

She placed her hand against her chest and nodded to Madelyn, saying, "I'll change it!" 

Madelyn smiled faintly in response. 

Then, she saw a hint of disappoint in Daniel's eyes, but she didn't say anything. Some people were just like that. They only realized what they've lost after it was gone. 

Daniel left in haste with his companion, not even bothering to try on the suit. 

As they were leaving, they coincidentally ran into Benjamin. 

Benjamin parked his car and looked at Daniel with narrowed eyes...the two men passed each other without a word! 

When he walked into the studio, Madelyn was still sitting there, flipping through a magazine while sipping her coffee. 

Benjamin sat down next to her and said, "You seem calm meeting your ex-lover!" 

Madelyn continued flipping through the magazine, indifferent as she replied, "You're my ex-lover too!...Oh, I forgot that we got married, so you're my ex-husband!" 

Benjamin chuckled in amusement. 

He lowered his voice and said, "Even after what happened last night, you're still being stubborn, huh?" 

When it came to arguing with men, women always ended up losing. 

Thinking of her exhausted state from last night, Madelyn couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed herself. She scolded him, "You rascal!" 

Benjamin laughed softly. 

He unbuttoned his suit and took the magazine from her hands, flipping through it. "This dress looks good on you!" 

Madelyn didn't continue arguing with him. 

She leaned closer. 

Benjamin put his arm around her shoulder, tilted his head slightly to admire her profile, and couldn't help but whisper, "After the banquet, let's go home, you wear this dress and serve me." 

Madelyn blushed. She knew exactly what he was thinking. 

But she also liked this dress. 

Benjamin's taste was truly impeccable. 

She pointed at the magazine and asked a staff member to find the dress for her, but she didn't let Benjamin see her try it on... Madelyn felt that even as husband and wife or lovers, there should still be some element of freshness. 

After picking out the dress, Eloise went home first. 

Benjamin took Madelyn and picked up little Everest to take photos for Everest Group's public relations. 

Madelyn hesitated slightly. 

Benjamin knew what she was thinking. He held the steering wheel, focused on the road ahead, and gently asked her, "Madelyn, am I not worth another act of bravery from you?" 

Being afraid that little Everest would overhear, he lowered his voice, "You're willing to be with me, but not willing to marry me?" 


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