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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 254

Chapter 254 A New Beginning

In the master bedroom, a single bedside lamp cast a soft and romantic glow.

Passion hung heavy in the air.

Their lips collided in a fierce and longing kiss, their bodies entwined on the edge of the bed.

Three long years had passed since their last encounter.

Benjamin whispered sweet reassurances into Madelyn's ear, his touch gentle and tender. But as desire threatened to consume them, he found himself unable to resist its undeniable pull.

Suddenly, Everest swung open the door and demanded their attention.

Clutching a pillow, she stumbled into the room, her eyes still heavy with sleep.

Time stood still as Benjamin struggled to catch his breath, his gaze locked onto Madelyn's.

Fear and guilt flickered in their eyes as they registered the intrusion.

With a trembling voice, Madelyn almost pleaded, "Ben, comfort her!"

Benjamin's gaze deepened.

He reluctantly left the bed, quickly wrapping himself in a bathrobe, and scooped their daughter into his arms.

Everest nestled against her dad, still half-asleep and slightly frightened. Her tiny hands held onto Benjamin's neck tightly, seeking solace and security.

As Benjamin reassured his daughter, he advised Madelyn to take a shower.

Madelyn's cheeks flushed with a mix of embarrassment and affection. She slipped off Benjamin's shirt and vanished into the bathroom.

Alone in the dimly lit master bedroom, Everest hummed softly, still cradled in her dad's warm embrace.

Benjamin reached for a fairytale book on the bedside table and began reading to her.

His voice, rough yet tender, soothed the restlessness.

Emerging from the bathroom, Madelyn caught sight of the heartwarming scene. Her heart melted as she realized that reconciling with Benjamin was for the sake of their precious daughter, Everest.

Over these years, Benjamin had consistently shown his love and devotion to their family.

Madelyn settled on the edge of the bed, gently caressing Everest's head with her fingers.

Her voice carried a softness as she inquired, "Does she often wake up at night?"

Benjamin chuckled meaningfully.

Madelyn blushed and said, "Ben, you know that's not what I mean!"

But Benjamin continued to gaze at her.

She had just showered, and a hint of pink lingered on her skin from their prior encounter. She exuded a subtle desire, and in that moment, he longed to continue...

Madelyn sensed his thoughts and whispered, "Next time, okay?"

Benjamin smiled and said, "Come here, let me kiss you."

Madelyn leaned over, obediently complying with his request.

They shared a gentle and desireless kiss.

Benjamin embraced her, pulled the blanket over them, and turned off the lights.

Madelyn leaned against his embrace, remaining silent.

Benjamin finally said, "It won't be happened as she grows older."

Madelyn murmured softly in agreement, but retorted, "That's not what I meant."

In the darkness, Benjamin caressed her lips and with a hoarse voice confessed, "Madelyn, I was unsatisfied. I understand you aren't satisfied either."

Both young and passionate, neither of them would be content with an interrupted moment. But this unsatisfied feeling, brought about by their child, carried a bittersweet happiness.

Madelyn blushed, unable to resist his words.

Though his demeanor appeared serious, deep within him, a fire of hidden desires burned fiercely.

Benjamin let out a soft chuckle, the sound both mischievous and captivating.

Leaning in close to her ear, he whispered, "Tell me, my dear Madelyn, don't you enjoy this?"

Madelyn remained silent, her lips sealed, as she pressed herself against his chest, surrendering to the reassuring rhythm of his heart.

Slowly, she drifted into a peaceful slumber.


In the early morning, she slowly opened her eyes.

Benjamin's handsome face was right in front of her, close at hand.

"Awake?" he gently brushed her soft cheek, coaxing softly, "Everest will still be asleep for another half an hour. Shall we go to the bathroom?"


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