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Pampered By My Mr. Lawyer novel Chapter 26

Chapter 26 All The Family Members Are Shameless

The next afternoon, Madelyn was discharged from the hospital.

Holding the phone in her hand, she was hesitating whether to call Benjamin, or send a message to show her gratitude.

After struggling for a while, she decided not to do so!

Madelyn went through the discharge procedures, and prepared to go home with her luggage, and then went to the Music Center for work in the afternoon.

When she walked out of the inpatient department, she ran across an acquaintance at the door.

They were Daniel's mother and his sister Sophia.

They were walking and talking with several large bags of imported fruits. They must have come to see Eloise. When they bumped into Madelyn, everyone was sort of uneasy.

Madelyn nodded slightly and was about to leave.

Gabriella stopped her, and spoke to her friendly, "Madelyn, I've got something to tell you."

Sophia tugged on Gabriella's sleeve, and said in an arrogant voice, "Mom, Daniel has broken up with her! Why bother to talk with her?"

Gabriella was very shrewd, and she knew exactly what her son had done. What she had to do now was to tell Madelyn not to appear in front of Daniel, so as not to destroy her son's happiness.

Gabriella asked her daughter to leave first.

Sophia stomped her feet and left with a soft snort.

When Sophia left, Gabriella said to Madelyn smilingly , "Madelyn, I ought to treat you a cup of coffee and sit down to have a chat, but Eloise's parents want to talk about the wedding date today, so I'm not available now."

Madelyn felt cold in her heart.

Once upon a time when the Campbell family was in trouble, Madelyn took out all her savings to help them out. Daniel's mother kept saying that Madelyn was the only daughter-in-law of the Campbell family, and that if Daniel should betray her, she would back her up.

But now her attitude had changed in such a short time!


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